Print Manager Plus Update Released

Date: 2/11/2014

Interface Improvements:
  • Empty Client and Project Fix:
    Client Billing and Project tab now prevents, and cleans up any NULL or Empty projects that are added via manual entry, import, or end user creation.

  • Client Search Issue:
    Resolved issue preventing a new Client or Project from being added when a client search was active.

  • Invalid Error with Large Number of Print Queues:
    Resolved an issue where program would report that it had exceeded the maximum of 750 print queues, when it had not yet reached that point. 
Counting Engine Improvements:
  • Savin PCL5:
    Added support for new Savin NUP Commands.

  • Panasonic DP Series PCL5:
    Resolved page count issue with this Panasonic series of device when using PCL5 drivers.

  • HP DesignJets using HPGL:
    Resolved issue with NULL header preventing proper tracking, and area from being detected.

  • Samsung QPDL:
    Improved proper detection of color lines and text with Samsung devices using QPDL drivers.

  • Xerox Postscript with EMF Header:
    Improved detection of Postscript language, when spool file contains an EMF header preventing proper tracking of page count, page size, color and copies.

  • Kyocera XPS:
    Improved detection of NUP when using Kyocera XPS Drivers.

  • Xerox Workcentre Postscript
    Improved detection of Grayscale and Color selection from the driver menu on newer Xerox Postscript driver for WorkCentre devices.


Metrics Improvements:
  • Extra Large Plot Support:
    Improved support for plots of 10 feet (120 Inches 3 Meters) width or tall.
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