How do I add or change my Print Manager License Key?

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This Article applies to all version of Print Manager Plus.

It has come to our attention that there are sometimes issues locating and upgrading the license key for Print Manager Plus. Below are some simple steps in locating the license key and changing it.


1. Launch Print Manager Plus:
Open up Print Manager Plus and proceed to the Print Servers Tab.


2. Locate the Print Server:
Highlight and right-click the Print Server in question and select Edit License... Next Paste the license key that has been given to you currently in the License Key box and select Ok.



3. Restarting the Print Manager Plus Service:
The next step requires restarting the Print Manager Plus Service.

Highlight, right-click the print server and choose Restart Service... (this can take anywhere from 10-15 seconds). Then right-click and chooseRefresh or F5. This will update the view.


Your Print Manager Plus installation should now reflect the license key changes.

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