What printers can Print Manager Plus track?


Printers supported by Print Manager Plus are in the hundreds. Listing them would be lengthy and not show the actual technical quality of the product functionality without some background data.

Print Manager Plus was created by request from the IT industry at the inception of Microsoft’s Windows NT server release. Software Shelf took on the challenge of surveying and developing a simple, and easy to use software based product, and it did in 1998 releasing our 1.0 version of Print Manager Plus. We found that tracking print jobs from operating systems was not as easy as we thought it would be. The development route we took required that we audit the actual spooled print job file that the printer hardware deciphers to actually print the job. This required us to be able to look at separate print languages that the printer manufactures write for their hardware. Since then we have deciphered and audit hundreds of print languages. This allows Print Manager Plus to track the data needed for a complete audit of all printing traffic over any size network and any printer type.

Printers Audited includes: Dot Matrix, Inkjets, LaserJets, Multifunctional devices, Large Format Printers, and Plotters.

Below is a list of supported Printing Languages:

Brother HBP - Host Based Printing
Brother NCM - Native Compression
Mode Brother XL2HB Canon CAPT - Canon Advanced Printing Technology
Canon UFR - Ultra Fast Rendering
Canon UFR II - Ultra Fast Rendering
Canon Garo DPL (Dell Printer Language)
Epson ESC/Page
Epson ESC/Page2
GDI (All Versions) - Graphics Device Interface
HP LIDIL - Lightweight Imaging Device Interface Language
HP PCL - Print Control Language (All Versions)
HP PCLXL - Print Control Language XL
HP PPA - Printer Performance Architecture
HP Universal Print Driver (Postscript)
HP Universal Print Driver (PCL)
HPGL - HP Graphics Language
HPGL/2 - HP Graphics Language 2
KIPGL KIP Script Kyocera KPDL - Kyocera Print Definition Language
Kyocera Prescribe
Lexmark GDI
Microsoft XPS OAKT - Oak Technology
Panasonic GDI
PDF (All Versions) - Page Description Format
Postscript - (All Versions)
Prescribe - page description language (All Versions)
Printronix - PGL Printronix Graphics Language
Ricoh IPDL - Intelligent Page Description Language
Ricoh RPCS - Refined Printing Command Stream Samsung QPDL
Samsung SMART
Tally Stream
Tally TCPL - Tally Compressed Printer Language
Text (RAW)
Xerox XCPT
Zenographics ZIMF
Zenographics ZJStream

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