WebAdvantage - Could not connect to Web Page from another Computer


The WebAdvantage web page can only be browsed on the print server.

Browsing from a workstation produces a Cannot Display the Web Page or Unable to Connect error depending on which browser is used.

Browsing from a workstation produces a  HTTP Error 404 - Not Found error

Applies To:

Operating Systems: Server 2003 / 2008 / 2008 R2 / Vista / Windows 7
Version: 1.04 and later

Cause & Solution:

A Local Firewall is blocking Web Traffic on Port 48110:
WebAdvantage hosts its web services on port 48110. By default this will be blocked by the Local Windows Firewallas. To resolve this issue you will need to open the port for incoming traffic.

1. Within Control Panel, opwn your Firewall Settings

2. Manually add an incoming TCP Port of 48110.

3. Save Changes

4. Test again.


The correct URL is not being Specified Solution 1:
The WebAdvantage URL by default is below and the servername portion would be replaced by the name of your server. The WebAdvantage portion can actually be customized. The below steps describe how to determine your your URL.


1. Log into the server WebAdvantage is installed on

2. Launch the Desktop or Start Menu shortcut

3. Log into WebAdvantage and then view the URL in the browser. The portion highlighted in yellow is the key section needed.


The correct URL is not being Specified Solution 2:
WebAdvantage is hosted on the intranet from the machine it is installed on, and is accessible by that machine’s computer name. If proper Name Resolution is not setup, or running properly on the network, workstations may need to use the IP Address instead, or will need name resolution setup properly.

To determine if name resolution is working:

1. Log into the server WebAdvantage is installed on and determine its current IP address

2. On a workstation having this issue, open a command window and ping the server by name:

c:>ping servername

3. In the command window one of the following will occur.

a. It will ping the correct IP Address from step 1, in this case name resolution is working

b. It will ping an incorrect IP address. In this case Name Resolution will need to be fixed in this network.

c. It will report Unknown Host. In this case Name Resolution is not functioning, or is not setup at all. IP Adress will need to be used to access that site.



Check Other Firewalls:
Network Firewalls, Routers, and Switches may also have port filtering that is blocking port 48110 within your network. If there are devices like this within your network, consult their documentation or your network administrator to ensure this traffic is opened.

Send information to Support:
Send all error messages and related information to the issue to 

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