COM Exception, Error or website hangs when uploading Excel documents


Users are unable to upload Excel documents with one of the following results.

  • Upload Error (Admin):
    COM Exception: Web Printing with Excel requires user ServerName\IISUser be logged in actively on the server in this environment.

  • Upload Error (End User):
    Error Opening or processing spreadsheet.  Please try again, or submit as an Administrator to view full error details.

  • Upload Hangs, without error:
    The upload just sits indefinitely and never completes with an instance of EXCEL.EXE running in the background on the server.


Causes & Solutions:

Due to the manner in which the .NET Programmability Support is implemented, a running desktop must be available to the website in order to upload and print Excel documents. The following steps will walk you through this.

Ensure System Desktop Folder has been Created:
By default, your system may not have a System Desktop Folder.  Ensure a folder exists at the following location.  No contents are required, it simple needs to exist. 


On 64 Bit Systems, you will also need to create a 32 bit desktop by ensuring this folder exists:


Ensure the account that the WebAdvantage Portal is Logged In:
A second requirement for using the Excel API, is to have the user the WebAdvantage Site site is running as, logged into the service with an active desktop.  

  1. Determine the User that needs to be Logged in:
    The exact user account, will be the one specified during installation.  

    If you do not know this user any longer. It will be the user listed within the error message.

    In the event it hangs without error, it will be the user Excel.exe is launched under within Task Manager.

  2. Log into the Server with that User.  
    Once the user is known, and active logon session to the server with that user either at the Console, or via Remote Desktop will need to be kept open and active for Excel printing to function.



If you are still having issues printing Excel, provide the following information to Print Manager Support.

  • Exact Operating System Version
  • Version of Excel Installed, including if it is the 32 or 64 bit installation.
  • Sample Excel document that will not Web Print.
  • Any Error Messages.

Send Information To Support:
Please send all error messages, texts and event log errors related to the issue to or open a Support tickethere

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