Unable to Move Jobs, or launch the Automated Printer Management (APM)


Various security permissions can interfere with the APM Service running and managing Print Queues, below are solutions to resolve this.


1. Go to Start->Run... in your start menu and enter dcomcnfg then click OK.

2. Browse to Component Services->Computers->My Computer->DCOM Config.

3. Select the item named PQServer and open the properties.

4. Under the General Tab set the 'Authentication Level:' to 'None'.

5. Under Identity Tab ensure it is set to 'This user', and a domain user with admin rights to all servers and print queues PQM will be managing is selected.

6. Then click OK to exit out of the PQServer Properties.

7. Go to File in the menu and select Exit to close dcomcnfg.

8. Go to your Services again and start the Print Queue Manager service. The service should now start and the APM will now be working.

9. In the Printer Properties Window for the Printer you want to run the APM on, select the Advanced Tab, UNCHECK Enable Advanced Printing Features, and select Start printing after last page is spooled.

If the above did not resolve the issue, please send a support request via our ticket system Print Manager Ticketing System.

Or send for support an e-mail to

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