How to move your Print Manager Plus install and database to another server

This Article applies to Print Manager Plus 2010. Current version build at time of last article update:

Preface: This document applies to PMP installations using the default SQL Express database that is provided with the product. These steps may not apply to setups where a remote database or shared database is being used. In those cases, please consult your DBA on the best practice for moving your database as this is beyond the scope of this document.


1. Upgrade Current Install to the Newest version:
Since the Print Manager Plus database structure can vary between versions, it is important that when moving the database, the source version of Print Manager Plus is the same as the one being installed. The easiest way to do this is to upgrade to the newest version first.

Method 1: eUpdate
The easiest way to update is by using the eUpdate system to upgrade to the newest. This can be done within File > eUpdate.

Method 2: Obtain a full/upgrade installer from support.
If you need the latest install files please send an e-mail to with your company name and License Key.

 2. Install Print Manager Plus on your new server:

Install the newest version of Print Manager Plus on your new server. You can use your existing key, but note that only one installation of PMP will operate per license.

Notes during installation:

a. You will need to choose the default SQL Express database option when installing on your new server:

b. Finish the install and restart the print server.

3. Copy the original database files from the old server to the new one:

a. On the original Print Manager Plus server, stop the SQL Service:

b. Now copy your SQL database files from the old server. These are typically stored by default at:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL.1MSSQLData

They are named: PrintManager.mdf and PrintManager_log.ldf

c. Stop the SQL service on the new server.

d. Replace your database files on the new server with the files from your old server. They should be already named the exact same on both systems.

e. Start the SQL service on your new install.

f. Restart the Print Manager Plus Service and Program on your new server.

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