Users are added with an 'Unspecified' domain and no Group Membership


- Active Directory users are listed as unspecified within the User’s tab instead of in their appropriate domain.
- Users' Group or Organizational Unit settings and quotas are not applied.
Causes and Solutions:

Service Account has no Permission to query Active Directory

By default all machines that are a member of a domain have read permissions to Active Directory. In some high security environments these standard default rights have been revoked causing a failure when looking up user information.

Solution: Change Service Logon:

1. Browse to [Administrative Tools] > [Services] on the print server running Print Manager Plus.

2. Right click on the service and choose [Properties].

3. Within the [Logon] tab you must specify a domain user account should be entered in a Domain\UserName format and have the following privileges:

-Local Administrative Rights to the Print Server
-Administrative Rights to the Print Manager Plus Database

Click Apply and then Restart the Print Manager Plus service.

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