Print Manager Plus WebAdvantage Suite 4.1

Date: 10 January, 2014

Payment Issues:
> Resolved issue accepting payments from American Express cards and PayPal Payments Pro payment gateway.

Mac OSX Maverick / Safari 7.x issues:
> Updated the use of Silverlight and Flash upload features to resolve failed Web Print File Uploads after upgrade to the new Mac Operating Systems. 

Print Rendering Issues:
> Resolved and improved a variety of print rendering issues, including:
- Partially transparent images
- Proper rendering of images and clipart with vector rounded corners
- Rendering of a variety of Asian Language Fonts

Slow, and Locked Printer Issues:
> Made improvements preventing the halting or slow of printing as a result of very large, slow rendering documents that are graphics intensive.

Improved iPad Document Size*
> Increased the maximum allowed size of iPad submitted web prints from 5 MB to 25 MB.  This helps support improved quality of website printing.    
*Requires WebPrint for Print Manager Plus iPad App future version 1.1 or later being released January 2014 

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