What were the changes in my last Print Manager Plus update?

Print Manager Plus
Date: 4/15/2014

Counting Engine Improvements:

> Xerox PCL6
Resolved page count tracking issue that occurred when Xerox Common Print Ticket (XCPT) was enabled. 
> Dell Printers using Windows 8 / 2012 XPS Drivers
Improved detection so this language is always recognized and tracked correctly.

Client Billing & Authentication Improvement:

> Added option to require end users to select a sub account for a Client whenever sub accounts exist.  Along with other Client Billing features, this can be enabled per print queue.

Print Manager Plus
Date: 2/11/2014

Counting Engine Improvements:

> Xerox Universal PCL6:
Resolved issue with false EMF header preventing the correct detection of PCL6 Copies Command. 
> Xerox WorkCentre PCL6:
Added support for new Xerox XML Copies command, replacing use of PCL6 commands in new WorkCentre models and drivers. 
> Canon Image Runner Series PCL6:
Improved reading of color page headers when grayscale commands are combined with copy commands submitted from PDF and Graphical applications.

Print Manager Plus
Date: 1/27/2014
Interface Improvements:

> Client Billing and Project tab now prevents, and cleans up any NULL or Empty projects that are added via manual entry, import, or end user creation.
> Resolved issue preventing a new Client or Project from being added when a client search was active.

> Resolved an issue where program would report that it had exceeded the maximum of 750 print queues, when it had not yet reached that point.

Counting Engine Update:
> Savin PCL5:
Added support for new Savin NUP Commands.
> Panasonic DP Series PCL5:
Resolved page count issue with this Panasonic series of device when using PCL5 drivers.
> HP DesignJets using HPGL:
Resolved issue with NULL header preventing proper tracking, and area from being detected.

> Samsung QPDL:
Improved proper detection of color lines and text with Samsung devices using QPDL drivers.

> Xerox Postscript with EMF Header:
Improved detection of Postscript language, when spool file contains an EMF header preventing proper tracking of page count, page size, color and copies.

> Kyocera XPS:
Improved detection of NUP when using Kyocera XPS Drivers.

> Xerox Workcentre Postscript
Improved detection of Grayscale and Color selection from the driver menu on newer Xerox Postscript driver for Workcentre devices.
Other Counting Engine Improvements:
> Extra Large Plot Support:
Improved support for plots of 10 feet (120 Inches 3 Meters) width or tall.

Print Manager Plus
Date: 11/05/2013

Counting Engine Update:

> Microsoft XPSDrv Driver Model Tracking and Performance Enhancements for Windows Vista/7/8 and Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 and 2012.

After accumulating more than three years of experience supporting XPS, the Print Manager team has released a greatly improved version of our XPS Driver tracking that is targeted at platforms using the Microsoft’s XPSDrv Model which is native to printer drivers shipped with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

This printing model provides greater printing performance and efficiency with smaller, compressed spool files.

Microsoft XPSDrv Driver Model:
Click Here to read about the Driver Model on Microsoft's website.

To help ensure the greatest tracking accuracy and speed benefit from newer drivers using this technology, Print Manager Plus now includes newly designed XPS Tracking using Native Microsoft XPS APIs combined with our existing Advanced Counting Technology.

Other Counting Engine Improvements:

> Canon IPF Large Format Printers:
Improved detection of color selection.
> DesignJet 130 PCL Drivers for Mac OSX:
Resolved issues detecting language as PCL when printing to this printer using Mac OSX drivers.
> Ricoh MP LaserJets using Postscript:
Improved detection of color selection.

Print Manager Plus
Date: 8/26/2013

eUpdate System:
> Resolved issue in the eUpdate system preventing the newest counting engine from being included in the last update.

Running the eUpdate again to is recommended to ensure the latest print language counting definitions are installed.

Print Manager Plus
Date: 08/14/2013

Admin Update:
> Updated Notification when more than 750 queues are reported per server, to only report the issue for the server(s) with more than 750, instead of generically report it for all servers.

Client Billing Update:
> Updated client billing logging to ensure the proper Billable and Non-Billable setting that has been set server side is always enforced.

Reports Update:
> Updated Top Users by Printer to properly limit to 5, 10 or 25 users as selected.
> Updated the following reports to better support long printer and server names: 
-Summary by Printer by User
-Summary of all Printer Groups for all Users
-Summary of all Printers for all Users
-Summary of all Printers by Page Size
-Summary of all Users for all Devices

Counting Engine Update:
> Improved detection of print in grayscale setting for HP OfficeJet 7000 Series.
> Improved tracking of color content and options for Canon Image Runners using PCL6 Drivers.
> Improved detection of Canon’s specific implementation of PCL6 on Image Runner drivers.  This helps ensure the correct page size, count and other metrics are accurate.
> Improved NUP Detection on HP Universal Drivers spooling as EMF.
> Improved page count detection on HP Postscript built-in drivers using Server 2012 / Windows 8 XPS Spooling features. 

Print Manager Plus
Date: 04/04/2013

Service Update:
> Added Spooler consistency check that runs when the print spooler reports no printers are installed, or an incomplete list of printers.  This ensures Print Manager Plus tracks all printers on server startup, even if the spooler is not correctly listing all printers initially after boot up.

Tracking Update:
> Detection added when more 750 print queues are being tracked on a single print server which is beyond the number that can be safely and reliably tracked.  Print Manager Plus will limit itself to the first 750 print queues found, and notify within PMP Administrators if any queues cannot be tracked. 

Improved Active Directory Read Performance:
> Greatly reduced the memory required when reading larger active directory lists greater than 10,000 users, groups and Organizational Units.
> Improved the speed of reading large lists of Users, Groups or OUs within the PMP Administrator.

Counting Engine Update:
> Improved tracking of copy count on HP Laserjets using Universal Print Driver PCL6.
> Improved tracking of copy count on Océ TDS Large Format printers.
> Improved tracking of copy count on Ricoh Aficio queues using PCL6.

Print Manager Plus
Date: 12/11/2012

Counting Engine Update: 
> Improved tracking of Color Text, Lines and Shading on Canon Printers using UFRII Print Drivers.

> Resolved currency issue with Detailed History of User Credit Report. 

WebAdvantage Suite Integration:
> Resolved issue Web Printing to queues with an apostrophe in the name of the printer.

Print Manager Plus
Date: 05/21/2012

Counting Engine Update: 
> Improved tracking of Color Text, Lines and Shading on Ricoh Aficio PCL6 Drivers. 

WebAdvantage Suite Integration:
> Setting WebAdvantage configuration on multiple printers at a time now saves properly.   
> Hold for Release Popup that appears after User Authentication or Verification now includes URL that users can use to easily access the Release Jobs Page. 
> WebAdvantage Release Jobs URL shown in popup messages can now  be specific per print server for environments running multiple instances of WebAdvantage.  (This feature requires WebAdvantage 3.1 or later)

Print Manager Plus
Date: 03/22/2012

Service Update:
> Minor service stability update added to service’s interaction with Web Printing and other Web related features of WebAdvantage. 
> Improved the speed in which Client Billing lists are compiled and sent to end users on Server 2008 R2 when using more than 2500 clients. Reports Update:
> Client Statements: Resolved issue where the final cost summary field would not always show the correct currency symbol.

Counting Engine Update: 
> Improved detection of SAP PostScript Print Jobs. 
> Improved detection of color on Ricoh devices using PCL6 drivers. 
> Improved handling of Page Count Mac PCL5 Print Jobs submitted without Page breaks so a proper page count is still determined. WebAdvantage Suite Integration:
> Suppressed the sending of unnecessary restriction Popups and job verification when Web Printing.   
> Suppressed Print Manager Plus attempting to re-authenticate a user who is Web Printing by sending them a an Authentication dialog. 

Print Manager Plus 
Date: 01/18/2012 

New Feature: 
> Print Manager Plus now stores and displays the Location field for each queue tracked as set within Windows properties for each print queue. 
Reports Update: 
> Summary of all OUs By User and Summary by OU by User now updated as to not incorrectly display a user's full name next to each OU summary. 

Counting Engine Update: 
> HP PCL6 on P4000 Series LaserJets. Resolved issue where selecting black and white within driver properties did not result in the job getting tracked as black and white. 
> Xerox Postscript - WorkCentre 577. Improved detection of copies. 
> Brother Priority support for Inkjet MFC series. Added support for Brother proprietary language used in some MFC series inkjet devices. 

WebAdvantage Suite Integration: 
Database and other service related upgrades released in preparation for Web Advantage 3.0 which include: 
> Selecting Printers based on Location for Web Printing and Releasing of Jobs. 
> Per Print Queue Security setting that allows admins to specify which queues end users can release their own jobs on. 

Print Manager Plus 
Date: 12/01/2011 

Service Updates: 
> Domain Names over 50 characters are now fully supported and work correctly in all portions of the product. 
Report Updates: 
> Updated Detailed History of User Credit to better report on payment and other transactions made within the WebAdvantage Suite Add-On. 

Counting Engine Update: 
> HP PCL5 from Mac OSX. Resolved Mac HP Driver issue where jobs missing a standard copy could count prevent tracking of pages and other statistics. 
> Lexmark Universal Driver. Added Support for new custom copy commands. 
> Xerox Universal Driver. Added Support for new custom XML copy commands. 

Installation Updates: 
> Installing the SQL Express option on Windows XP now requires that Windows XP Service Pack 3 be installed first. This prevents compatibility issues between SQL 2005 Express Edition and Windows XP. 
> Repair installations now check Database version and attempt to upgrade, or reupgrade if the database is not up to date. 
> Improved pre-requisite checks on Windows XP to ensure .Net Framework always gets installed. 

Print Manager Plus 
Date: 09/28/2011 

New! - Color Overide Feature: 
> Each printer can now be set to track all jobs as Color, or all jobs as Black and White regardless of document contents or printer capabilities. This override setting is done within Print Properties > Advanced Settings tab. 

Administrator Updates: 
> New notification designed to inform you if your Print Manager Plus database is out of date. 
> New Notification designed to inform you if your Administration console is out of date. 
> Added Options when applying Group or OU setting. Administrators can now choose when making a change to a Group or OU, which settings will propagate to current users within the group. 
* Reset and Update Current Balance 
* Reset and Update Quota Update Schedule 
* Reset and Update Restrictions 
> Resolved intermittent issues when searching on the Print Servers tab would fail, or cause unpredictable behavior. This was especially common for sites with more than 50 workstation agents or servers. 

Service Updates: 
> Within the Print Manager Plus log files, the service will now store the IP Address of the main server it is conflicting with during a license overrun. 

Counting Engine Update: 
> HP Copies - EMF Language - Microsoft Word Resolved rare issue with specific international Drivers from HP, not being able to track copies when printing from MS Word. 
> Epson Escape 1 - Color Improvements Improved color tracking for Epson LP-S5000, LP-S6000 & LP-S7000 series devices. 

Print Manager Plus 
Date: 08/26/2011 

Administrator Updates: 
> Added New notification check to help detect users who are being tracked, but their domain membership could not be found. 
> Added new notification check to help detect servers that have not tracked jobs in X number of hours or days. This setting will default to 3 days. (Customizable, see next item) 
> Added Notifications Options within Settings > Advanced Settings, allowing customization of notification settings. 
> Improved dialog of server licensing issues. 
> Added Version column to Print Servers tab, showing the last known version of each Print Manager Plus Service. Services not running this version or later, will list as "Unknown" 
> Added Last Print Job column to Print Servers tab, this helps track the last job handled by each server to help manage server utilization and tracking. Servers not running this version or later, will not list a last job. 
> Resolved drop down issue with being able to easily select Monthly, Weekly, or Daily quota updates for new Groups or OU. 

Service Updates: 
> Service stores and tracks its last version on each service startup in the PMP Database. 
> Service stores and tracks its last known print job, each time a job is hand

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