WebAdvantage - HTTP Error 500.19 with Error Code 0x800700b7 When accessing WebAdvantage (Windows 2008 - Vista - 7)


  • Error Browsing from Server: WebAdvantage Page will not load from any browser with the following errors:

    HTTP Error 500.10 - Internal Server Error - The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid.

    Module: DefaultDocumentModule
    Notification: ExecuteRequestHandler
    Handler: StaticFile
    Error Code: 0x800700b7
    Config Error: Cannot add duplicate collection entry of type 'add' with unique key attribute 'value' set to 'Default.aspx'
    Config File: //?/C:Program Files (x86)/Software Shelf International, Inc/WebAdvantage Suite 2011/Site/web.config



Applies To:

Operating Systems: Server 2008 / 2008 R2 / Vista / Windows 7
Version: 1.04 and later


Cause & Solution:

An IIS setting is causing a duplicate file conflict for default loading of Default.aspx:
This cause is rare, and exact reasons are unkown. The following fix will resolve the issue.

1. Locating the Web.Config file for WebAdvantage:
Within the error message, it will mention a Config File. You will want to look at this path, and browse to and locate this file.

2. Make up a backup copy of Web.Config:
This is important in case your edits are unsuccessful or it does not fix the issue, you can easily switch back.

3. Open WebConfig, and locate the 'Default.aspx' Value:
This entry looks like below, and is usually near the bottom of the document

4. Edit Web.Config with the following change to Remove the Default.aspx entry:
You will need to replace the defaultDocument tag contents like below.





5. Save the File, and Browse the Site Again:
Once this change is made, try saving the file and trying to load WebAdvantage again. If this fails, please with the following items.

  • Full Error Message
  • Web.config (with changes)
  • Web.config (backup copy)
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