How To Change Your WebAdvantage URL In IIS

This guide will cover a few simple ways to change the default web address for the Webadvantage in IIS 7:

PLEASE NOTE: This guide assumes that you are making changes in IIS with basic knowledge of your server's environment. If you are unfamiliar with IIS, or you are not sure if you are hosting other sites or using IIS for anything other than solely for WebAdvantage, then please consult a network admin or your IT department staff in charge of administering IIS functions in your environment.


Option 1:

If you are not already using your Default Website you can simply redirect it to the WebAdvantage URL:

Step 1: Open IIS Manager. Browse to the Default Website and Select it. On the right-hand side, select the option "HTTP Redirect":

Step 2: Open the HTTP Redirect, and check the box to redirect requests and then paste into the field the URL for your webadvantage:

You can now use your servername as the URL. For example, if your original webadvantage URL was as follows:

Original: http://Servername:48110/WebAdvantage/

You can now use: http://Servername/  as your URL and it will redirect you to the WebAdvantage suite. You will still be able to use your original URL as well. 


Option 2:

If you are already using your default website, or you want to add a path to the WebAdvantage such as http://Printserver/Print  you can use this method:

Step 1: Open IIS Manager, Right Click on your Default Website and select Add Virtual Directory...

In the Alias, select the custom URL path you want. For example if you wanted http://PrintServer/Print you would put in "Print" in the Alias. Then select a physical Path. This is not going to matter as this virtual directory is only going to be used as a redirect.


Step 2:
 Once you've added the virtual directory, select it and on the right hand side, select HTTP Redirect and then configure it to point to your current default WebAdvantage URL:

You can now use the URL along the lines of http://printserver/print (or whatever you specified as the alias of the virtual directory). That will direct your users to the WebAdvantage.  You may still use your original url.

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