What Were The Changes In My Last WebAdvantage Suite Option Update?

Print Manager Plus WebAdvantage Suite 4.1.5
Date: 23 June, 2014

Simultaneous Print Stability:
> Improved stability when large number of Web Prints are submitted simultaneously to the same print queue.

AJAX Prerequisite Install Issue:
> Resolved issue with the initial installation of WebAdvantage for systems requiring the Ajax Installation.

Tabloid WebPrinting to Xerox Devices:
> Resolved issue where tabloid documents were being scaled down incorrectly on some Xerox devices and drivers.

Logout URL:
> Added URL “Logout.aspx”, which when directed to the users web session will end and they will be required to logon again. This feature is typically used in conjunction with Kiosks with external logout buttons.


Print Manager Plus WebAdvantage Suite 4.1.3
Date: 13 March, 2014

Fit to Page:
> When printing a larger document, to a smaller page size, contents will now always be centered when it is fit to that page size.

Apple Safari IOS Mac Printer Selection issue:
> Resolved issue with the ability select a different printer after upload from WebPrint from iPad, or Mac OSX using newer versions of Safari.

Error Message During Lack of Printer Rights:
> In event a permissions issue is preventing Web Printing from occurring, it will now show a proper error indicating the issue.

Print Manager Plus WebAdvantage Suite 4.1
Date: 10 January, 2014

Payment Issues:
> Resolved issue accepting payments from American Express cards and PayPal Payments Pro payment gateway.

Mac OSX Maverick / Safari 7.x issues:
> Updated the use of Silverlight and Flash upload features to resolve failed Web Print File Uploads after upgrade to the new Mac Operating Systems. 

Print Rendering Issues:
> Resolved and improved a variety of print rendering issues, including:
- Partially transparent images
- Proper rendering of images and clipart with vector rounded corners
- Rendering of a variety of Asian Language Fonts

Slow, and Locked Printer Issues:
> Made improvements preventing the halting or slow of printing as a result of very large, slow rendering documents that are graphics intensive.

Improved iPad Document Size*
> Increased the maximum allowed size of iPad submitted web prints from 5 MB to 25 MB.  This helps support improved quality of website printing.    
*Requires WebPrint for Print Manager Plus iPad App future version 1.1 or later being released January 2014 

WebAdvantage Suite Option 4.0.5
12 March, 2013

>iPad Device Support Improvement:

Windows Printer Security Improvement.
Resolved issues where end user print jobs could be denied when Web Printing due to expired Windows Authentication tokens when the Enforce Print Windows Print Security option was enabled. Users will now be re-prompted for password as necessary when using this feature.

>Interface Update:

Keep Uploaded File Timer Settings.
Resolved interface issue where making changes to the Minutes, Hours or days would not always save properly.

WebAdvantage Suite Option 4.0.3

18 December, 2012

Apostrophes in Printer nameResolved all issues when printers have an apostrophe in the name of the print queue.(Requires PMP or later)

>Intermittent ‘Unknown Error’ or logouts when uploading or printing:
Handled issues causing some unknown and intermittent errors or logouts when WebPrinting.

>Display of Printer Status:
The status of each print queue should no longer get broken across multiple lines.

>iPad Device Support Improvement:
Support for Custom URL:
iPad Upload and printing is now supported for sites that were installed using a custom URL (Requires users update iPad application to 1.0.7 or later)

>Client Billing:
Jobs Marked as Billable:Print jobs assigned a client or project code inside of WebAdvantage will now be properly marked as Billable.

WebAdvantage Suite Option 4.0
13 November, 2012

iPad Device Support: 

> Infrastructure for Bring your Device Networks:
Added basic infrastructure improvements for support of iPad printing, and future releases of BYOD (Bring your own device) networks. 

> Upload, and print documents from iPad devices:Using the WebPrint uploader and printing app, users with iPads running IOS 5.1 and later can now submit documents and web pages for printing through the WebAdvantage printing portal. 
> Obtain and Configure iPad Pages:New pages help guide users to easily link their iPad to a specific WebAdvantage server.

Academic iPad App Volume Licensing:
Bulk Purchases for Academic Organizations can be made and are offered a 50% discount. This allows qualified educational institutions to purchase app licenses and provide vouchers to student, faculty and staff end users. 

Payment Changes: 
> PayPal’s Payflow Pro Payment Gateway Support:Adding of credit, and paying for job can now use PayPal Payflow Pro* as its payment gateway.   *Paypal Payment Pro is a higher end version of Payflow Link, allowing API interaction and payments.  If you are using Payflow Link, please contact PayPal about upgrading to Payflow pro. 

Paper Tray Features: 
WebAdvantage now supports paper tray selection. The user will be provided with three general options. 

> Use the Default Paper Tray:This will use the default tray as set in the Print Queue’s Printing Defaults… configuration settings. 
> Let the driver choose the best tray based on document Size: This will leave the choosing of paper tray completely up to the driver and printer. This is how paper tray selection was performed in version 3.1.2 and earlier. 

General Improvements and Fixes:  
> Added Support for PDFs with Special Crop Box:
WebAdvantage printing, now properly previews, and prints special PDFs with hidden dimensions or pages using Crop Boxes.  The document should not be printed, and view as it normally would be in a typical PDF viewer. 

> Damaged PDF Handling:
Improved handling of damaged PDF files that would cause failure when generating a preview but were still printable. 

> Settings Stability: 
Improved product stability during login and settings pages of the product when there are missing or corrupt database values. The product will now recover and typically fix these issues automatically. 

> Unsaved Configurations:
When making changes to the WebAdvantage configuration, the site will make it clear when changes have not been saved, assisting administrators in properly saving their changes before logoff. 

> IP Resolution:
Improved overall performance when IP to name resolution is enabled. > Maximum Document Size:Resolved issues where documents over 10 MB could not be uploaded. 

> Authentication Performance:
Greatly improved speed of initial authentication when logging in using Active Directory credentials. 

> Purge Hold for Release Job Timeout Issue:
Resolved issue where setting timeout to 1 minute, caused it to be stuck at 1 minute indefinitely and could not be changed back to hours or days. 

> Active Directory Authentication format:
WebAdvantage site and devices now support user@domain.local and DOMAINUSER formats when performing login. 

> Regional Issues Adding Balance:
Resolved rare issues with certain regions not being able to add fractional currency amounts when using Euro’s as the system’s current setting. 

> Print Later Showing Expired Files:
Resolved an issue where some expired files would still be listed as expired for printing if they had just recently expired. 

> Web Printing File Name issues:
Improved printing of uploaded documents with ampersands (&) and other special characters in the document title.

WebAdvantage Suite Option 3.1.2
29 May, 2012

Prerequisite: Print Manager Plus  

General Improvements and Fixes: 
> Per Server URL:When running multiple WebAdvantage Instances, WebAdvantage will keep Print Manager Plus ( and later) informed about all instances. This allows Print Manager Plus to direct users to the instance local to that server or site. 
> Override Default URL: WebAdvantage allows you to set the default URL used to browse to it.  This assists interaction with Print Manager Plus so you can specify a specific url used to access the web portal. 
> Create Bookmark Shortcut Removed:
The Create custom Release Jobs bookmark has been removed for browsers that do not support auto generated bookmarks. 
> Upload Error on Unsupported Devices:
Mobile and Tablet devices that do not support upload, will now display a clear message informing end users that their device does not support the upload of files. 
> Auto Add of New Users:
When a user logs into WebAdvantage, but does not have a Print Manager Plus account yet, WebAdvantage will now contact Print Manager Plus ( or later) and request that user’s account get created.  This will give them the correct printing account and starting balance appropriate for that user based on their group membership and other settings. 
> WebPrint Printer Selection Sticks:
Resolved issue where the Printer selected in WebPrint could stick, if it was the only printer at a location. 
> Markup and Comments Removed:
Markup and comments removed from document when web printing Microsoft Word documents. 

> Error Information Added to Release Jobs:
Added information on any permissions, or other issues that may cause a user, or administrator to not see some or all jobs on the Release Jobs page. 
> Session Logging:Added a new logged feature allowing logging to be enabled to the duration of a session to assist in troubleshooting issues. 
> WebAdvantage Access User:
The Windows user account WebAdvantage is using to perform administrative tasks can now be viewed inside WebAdvantage under Help & About for users that are Administrators of WebAdvantage.

WebAdvantage Suite Option 3.0 Upgrade
12 March, 2012 

Installation Improvements: 
> Improved the dialogs and choosing of options during the first setup wizard.
> Added additional options to Web Print functionality wizard pages.

Feature Enhancements:
> Job History Page – Select Balance:When re-crediting a print job, Administrators can choose whether to re-credit the balance to the end user’s Primary or Paid (Secondary) Balance. 
> Release Jobs Page – Release Option Security Per Print Queue: 
Within Print Manager Plus, each print queue can specify whether or not End Users can release their own print jobs on each queue, or they can continue using this as a global setting. 
> Expanded URL Filters: 
URL filters can be added to your WA URL to allow a certain terminal access to only certain printers, locations, logout options etc.. These have been expanded to include location, and work more consistently.   

Example: http://server/Default.aspx?Location=Lab201 This URL will only allow web printing, and release of jobs to print queues in Lab201 For full instruction on using URL filters, see WebAdvantage documentation. 

> Automatic Logout Options:
Expanded our logout options such that Administrators can now set automatic log off to occur after any one of the following actions: Releasing/deleting a job, submitting a web print, updating a billing code, retracting a job or adjust credit.

PrintLater™ Functionality Added: 
The ability to upload a document and choose the printer and printing options later has been added and includes the following features. 
> Upload and PrintLater™: 
End users have the option to upload a document which will add it to the user’s temporary print job store.  The user can then choose the printer and options later. 
> Recent Print Job Store:
Stores recent jobs printed so they can be reprinted.  The end user may also choose a different print queue and different printing options. 
> Configuration Options:
Administrators can specify if this feature is available, how long jobs are kept for, and how much disk space is available for each user, and globally by this feature. 

Web Printing Feature Enhancements: 
> Location Aware:
WebAdvantage is aware of the Location field specified in Windows for each print queue, and allows for easy selection of printer by Location.   
> Use Printer Grouping as a Location:Alternatively, WebAdvantage allows the use of the Printer Group, as specified inside of the Print Manager Plus Administrator to specify the Location of each printer. 
> Page Selection:
Allows end user to select which page ranges of a document they would like to print.  For example pages 2-5 of a 10 page document. 
> Printer Status:
Prior to submitting a print job to a queue, end users can see the status of the print queue before printing. This gives the user a chance to submit he job to a different queue if that printer is offline, or has another critical error. 
> Print Security:
Administrators can enable full Windows Print Security, which enforces all Windows specified security settings on a print queue, within the web print session. 
> Jobs Held for Release:
Print Jobs submitted using Web Print, will now fully honor when Hold Job For Release option is set on that queue and not allow users to click Print Now bypassing this option.
> Secured PDF Documents:
WebAdvantage now supports uploading and printing of password protected PDF documents. Prior to actually printing the document, the end user will be prompted for the password to unlock the PDF document.

Interface Enhancements: 
> General Interface:
Improved, streamlined and made all pages and dialogs more consistent and easy to use. 
> WebAdvantage Home:Created a WebAdvantage home landing page allowing for simple navigation to available features and settings.  
> Quick Nav Bar:
Added a quick navigation drop down bar allowing for quick navigation between pages 
> Login Help Link:
Added a help link administrators can specify the URL of to the login page.  This help link can point to any page the admins would like and helps end users with which login to use. 
> Configuration Page:
Revamped the layout, and ease of use for the Configuration settings of WebAdvantage. 
> Release Jobs Page – Improved Filter Interface:
Improved the design and ease of use for the filter settings on the Release Jobs page. 

Bug Fixes: 
> Resolved issue with Firefox and Chrome not logging in properly, after a session timeout occurred while on the Release Jobs Page.

WebAdvantage Suite Option 2.0.3 Upgrade
16 November, 2011

General Improvements and Fixes:
>Resolved issue where removing some users would show an error, even though the user was successfully removed.
>Improved upgrade issue where upgrading user information could fail when migrating from previous versions to 2.0
>Resolved issue preventing WebAdvantage from being initially setup when running in Limited Evaluation Mode
>Added error messaging indicating when Microsoft Office has been installed, but is in need of reboot before its components can be used.
>Web Printing now detects when tracking is disabled on a printer within Print Manager Plus, and will only allow submitting jobs to an enabled printer.

WebAdvantage Suite Option 2.0
28 October, 2011

Installation Improvements:
>Wizard now allows you to choose enabled features during first setup.
>Web Printing Document Options available during first setup wizard.
>Improved Master Password Reset Procedure
>Improved upgrade reliability for locked ISS Files

Web Printing Feature Enhancements:
>Reworked Job Flow:
Improved the layout, options and ease of Web Printing by no longer requiring hold for release and providing other interface improvements.
>Improved Orientation Support:
Automatic support for detecting and properly printing Landscape or Portrait jobs.
>Multiple Pages Per Sheet:
Allows end user to select 2,4,6,9 or 16 pages per sheet and preview their selection before printing.
>Job Verification:
Shows user a verification window allowing them to Print, Cancel or Hold for Release (when Release Jobs feature is enabled) on each job they upload.
>Preview Feature:
Allows thumbnail, and full view of final document to print to be viewed.
>Improved Tiff Image Support:
Web Printing now supports printing of multiple tiff image files and documents.
>Payment Enhancements:
Added built in support for Authorize.NET payment APIs
Improved security requirements and warnings when not using HTTPS
>Security Improvments:
Improved encryption and hashes of stored information.

Bug Fixes:
>Resolved issue with adding users, and then setting per queue permissions in one step would not function correctly, or result in error.
>Resolved issue where two printers with the same name, would encounter issues resuming jobs on one of them.
>Resolved issue where NULL value in Balance or Paid Balance field could prevent the proper releasing of print jobs.
>Resolved issue where Excel instances would stay open longer than needed, causing multiple background instances of excel.exe to stack up.
>Better handles display issues with balances over 100,000.00
>Manually typing in an invalid date into the Job History and Release Jobs filter is now better handled.
>Going back in the browser can no longer show any listing of previous logged in user's print jobs or balance.

Other Improvements & Changes:
>Better Intergration with Print Manager Plus or later. WebAdvantage will no longer cause Machine or Network Service accounts to appear in the Users tab (i.e. MACHINENAME$, NETWORK SERVICE).

WebAdvantage Suite Update
29 August, 2011

Web Printing Feature Added:
>Allows end users to submit Print jobs via the web, including:
PDF Files .pdf
Images .jpg, .gif, .png, .tif, .bmp, .wpf, .emf
Documents .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .wps
Spreadsheets .xls, xlsx, .csv
Presentations .ppt, .pptx
>Ability to choose copies, duplex, and color settings
>Easy uploading makes selecting a support file simple
>Seamless intergration with Print Manager Plus quotas and restrictions
>Logs source IP or workstation name of user submitting document.

Security Improvements:
>Simple steps to enable SSL for WebAdvantage provided within the start menu, and download folder of WebAdvantage.
>Explicit Warnings when SSL is not enabled on payment and other sensitive pages.
>Automatic detection and redirection to SSL when enabled. 

Interface Improvements:
>Selected jobs now stay highlighted for ease of use.
>Current status of Balance is now always visible to end users.

Client Billing / Project Features Added*:
>Allows end users to view jobs that have been billed to a client/Project
>End Users can Bill jobs to a client via the web page that were missed due to issues such as no client module installed, project did not yet exist etc...
>End users can un-bill a job from a Client or Project, and rebill it to a new project.
>Administrators and Users marked as Client Billing Managers can perform billing actions for all jobs.
>Easily sort or filter jobs by Billed/Non-Billed, User, Clients/Project or Date/Time.

*(Client Billing features require your license be enabled for both WebAdvantage and Client Billing & Authentication)

Release Jobs Improvements:
>Resolved issue releasing a set of documents, where the order would become lost when actually printing. All documents release simultaneously will not print in the order of time they were sent to the printer originally.
>Option setting adding enabling the reverse name resolution of print jobs with a source IP, to be translated into a Workstation name. This helps ensure a workstation name is shown whenever possible.

Payments System Improvements:
>Improved email receipts are sent that include more detailed information.
>Resolved issues being able to take some American Express cards.

Print Manager Plus - End User Inquiry Tool Intergration:
>Users running Print Manager Plus Service and EUIT version or later now have new integration improvement. Users can now directly launch the Release Jobs page from the EUIT Popup when they have jobs held for release. 

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