WebAdvantage Suite Option 4.0.3

18 December, 2012

Apostrophes in Printer nameResolved all issues when printers have an apostrophe in the name of the print queue.(Requires PMP or later)

>Intermittent ‘Unknown Error’ or logouts when uploading or printing:
Handled issues causing some unknown and intermittent errors or logouts when WebPrinting.

>Display of Printer Status:
The status of each print queue should no longer get broken across multiple lines.

>iPad Device Support Improvement:
Support for Custom URL:
iPad Upload and printing is now supported for sites that were installed using a custom URL (Requires users update iPad application to 1.0.7 or later)

>Client Billing:
Jobs Marked as Billable:Print jobs assigned a client or project code inside of WebAdvantage will now be properly marked as Billable.

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