WebAdvantage Suite Option 4.0

13 November, 2012

iPad Device Support: 

> Infrastructure for Bring your Device Networks:
Added basic infrastructure improvements for support of iPad printing, and future releases of BYOD (Bring your own device) networks. 

> Upload, and print documents from iPad devices:Using the WebPrint uploader and printing app, users with iPads running IOS 5.1 and later can now submit documents and web pages for printing through the WebAdvantage printing portal. 
> Obtain and Configure iPad Pages:New pages help guide users to easily link their iPad to a specific WebAdvantage server.

Academic iPad App Volume Licensing:
Bulk Purchases for Academic Organizations can be made and are offered a 50% discount. This allows qualified educational institutions to purchase app licenses and provide vouchers to student, faculty and staff end users. 

Payment Changes: 
> PayPal’s Payflow Pro Payment Gateway Support:Adding of credit, and paying for job can now use PayPal Payflow Pro* as its payment gateway.   *Paypal Payment Pro is a higher end version of Payflow Link, allowing API interaction and payments.  If you are using Payflow Link, please contact PayPal about upgrading to Payflow pro. 

Paper Tray Features: 
WebAdvantage now supports paper tray selection. The user will be provided with three general options. 

> Use the Default Paper Tray:This will use the default tray as set in the Print Queue’s Printing Defaults… configuration settings. 
> Let the driver choose the best tray based on document Size: This will leave the choosing of paper tray completely up to the driver and printer. This is how paper tray selection was performed in version 3.1.2 and earlier. 

General Improvements and Fixes:  
> Added Support for PDFs with Special Crop Box:
WebAdvantage printing, now properly previews, and prints special PDFs with hidden dimensions or pages using Crop Boxes.  The document should not be printed, and view as it normally would be in a typical PDF viewer. 

> Damaged PDF Handling:
Improved handling of damaged PDF files that would cause failure when generating a preview but were still printable. 

> Settings Stability: 
Improved product stability during login and settings pages of the product when there are missing or corrupt database values. The product will now recover and typically fix these issues automatically. 

> Unsaved Configurations:
When making changes to the WebAdvantage configuration, the site will make it clear when changes have not been saved, assisting administrators in properly saving their changes before logoff. 

> IP Resolution:
Improved overall performance when IP to name resolution is enabled. > Maximum Document Size:Resolved issues where documents over 10 MB could not be uploaded. 

> Authentication Performance:
Greatly improved speed of initial authentication when logging in using Active Directory credentials. 

> Purge Hold for Release Job Timeout Issue:
Resolved issue where setting timeout to 1 minute, caused it to be stuck at 1 minute indefinitely and could not be changed back to hours or days. 

> Active Directory Authentication format:
WebAdvantage site and devices now support user@domain.local and DOMAINUSER formats when performing login. 

> Regional Issues Adding Balance:
Resolved rare issues with certain regions not being able to add fractional currency amounts when using Euro’s as the system’s current setting. 

> Print Later Showing Expired Files:
Resolved an issue where some expired files would still be listed as expired for printing if they had just recently expired. 

> Web Printing File Name issues:
Improved printing of uploaded documents with ampersands (&) and other special characters in the document title.

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