3/31/2017 - Print Manager Plus Update Released.

31 March, 2017

Print Manager Plus Update Released

Enhanced Features:

> Username and Password authentication with Secondary Authentication now support Batch Printing.
> Active Directory background refresh for users will no longer process users who have never printed.
> Report Titles now included in report, and on exports.

Counting Engine Fixes:

> CanonUFRII Page Count fix for Mac OSX Clients.

> Resolved rare PCL6 Page Count issue.

Bugs Fixes:

> Resolved display of 'Invalid Pincode Error' when using Internet Explorer to Web Print, and Billing features have not been enabled.
> Resolved Invalid Pin Code warning when using Microsoft Edge browser.
> Hourly graphs now work properly with all browser region and language options.
> Resolved an issue properly detecting Landscape for Web Printing.
> Premium API now properly can looking up Built In Organizational Units, such as 'Domain Controllers’.
> Resolved minor memory issue with Active Directory Lookups.
> The Windows Print Client now stays running, even through forced disconnects from service crash, or targeted attacks.
> Resolved issue filtering Billing Clients and Projects within the History and Reporting tabs.
> Resolved issue with user Lookups across multiple domains.
> Edit\Add domains button remains available in Workgroup mode.
> All Custom AD Fields can now be set properly.
> Resolved erroneous failed to print error.



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