05/08/2023 - Print Manager Plus Update Released

Print Manager Plus Update Released

New Features:

> Web payments and credits now better support large multiple domains with smart filtering by domain and/or user allowing the ability for administrators to quickly accept payments or add credits to the correct user in any size environment.
> Enhanced repair installation for Primary servers will help reset and reinstall any missing IIS components that may have been removed or otherwise unavailable.
> Web Printing Communication Foundation upgrade to .NET 4+ technologies ensure higher stability and availability for local and remote printing via the Web Portal.
> Reporting Engine Upgrade provides faster reports delivered in .NET 4.
> NET 4.6.2 Upgrade for all Web Portal and Client components.

Feature Enhancements:

> Web payments and credits dynamically display more detailed information for each user depending on type and information available to help ensure credit is always being issued to the desired user.
> Prerequisite checking improvements for Server 2012 R2 ensuring installation stability for legacy systems.
> XPS Native tracking upgraded to .NET 4x with Native Com interface registration for improved speed on systems using XPS drivers.
> Removed legacy .NET 3.5 Web Components and backwards compatibility allowing for greater speed and stability for Web Portal.
> Web Portal Print History tab Excel and CSV export improvements.
> Installation improvements for Windows 11 and Server 2022 ensuring proper Windows Role and Feature installation as well as improved installations and upgrades.
> Logging libraries upgraded for improved debugging when necessary.

Print Client Enhancements:

> Updated to .NET 4.6.2 for greater stability and easy deployment.
> Removed backwards compatibility for legacy .NET 3.x systems.

Bug Fixes:

> Resolved issues with SMTP TLS password changes causing unrecoverable segmentation faults in the tracking service and administrator.
> Resolved issue with Bandwidth reporting failing on large data sets.



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