Printing Rules Overview and Settings.

Rules can be set on a User, User Group, Organizational Unit, or Printer. Rules enable restrictions to be set to three separate overall functions:

> ALL - Rule will be applied when ALL criteria is met.

> ANY - Rule will be applied when ANY criteria is met.

> NONE - Rule will be applied only when NO criteria is met.

These enable you to set multiple restrictions and then set an overall rule to be applied to them.

This is a list and description of restrictions that can be set in a rule. Below are instructions on how to set a rule and default actions and Admin/User notifications.

> Restrict printing by Job Title

Add specific text strings that show up in the title of a document. Enable a Whitelist or Blacklist to allow or Deny the document to be printed.

> Restrict Reprinting of a document

This restriction prevents a print job of the same title from being reprinted within a certain amount of time.

> Restrict printing based on Page Size

Select pages sizes that will be Denied to print or Allowed only to print.

> Restrict by Page Count

Set the maximum allowed pages in a single print job.

> Restrict by print Job Size

Set the maximum spool file size for a print job.

> Restrict by print Job Cost

Set the maximum allowed print job cost for a print job based off the Printer cost profiles setting.

> Restrict printing by Duplex

Deny or allow printing based on the print job being Duplex or Simplex.

> Restrict what Day and Times of Day printing is allowed

Set allowed days and times of days printing can occur.

> Restrict by Copy Count

Set the maximum allowed copy count for a single print job

> Restrict by Color

Deny printing if the print job is color.

> Restrict by Black and White

Deny printing if the print job is Black and White.

How to set a Rule on a User, User Group, Organizational Unit or Printer.

Right click on the object and select Edit or simply double click on it. This opens the properties of the object, now click on the "Rules and Restrictions" option in the left hand menu and this will open the Dialog.

1. Simply click the icon "New Rule"

2. Your Rule dialog will now appear and you can select you Rule function and apply it to the restrictions you need to set.

3. Now click Next and your Actions and Messaging settings dialog will appear. 

Print Job Action and User Message Settings.

Once a Rule has been set you can now select Print Job Actions and User Message Settings.

Here you can set what you would like the print job to do after the rule is hit. First name your Rule which will be added to your Restrictions list.

Action Taken Drop Down Menu

> Delete - Deletes the print job from the Windows print queue.

> Pause - Leaves the print job in a paused state.

> Allow - Allows the print job to print normally.

> Held - Print Job will be held in a paused state for web release from the Web Portal.

> Confirm - A pop-up message will be sent to the users workstation allowing them to confirm the print job before it is sent to the printer. The print job is held in a paused state until confirmed.

Send End User Pop-up message and/or Email.

Note: Pop-Up messages work in conjunction with the Print Client workstation application, which needs to be installed on the workstation. Click Here to install the Print Client.

Note: Configure your Email SMTP settings before being able to send emails from Print Manager Plus. Click Here to to read the article.

Turn this on and a pop-up message will be sent to the users workstation and/or email sent to them. Your text can be edited, and you can insert Job Metrics into it which include:

> Job Size - Print Job Spool file size.

> Title - Print Job Title.

> Color - Has color.

> Pages - Page count without copies.

> MonoPages - Black and White page count without copies.

> ColorPages - Color page count without copies.

> Copies - Copy count.

> TotalPages - Total pages including copies.

> Cost - Job Cost.

> Duplex - Duplex.

Administrative Rule messaging and settings.

> Email Listed Admins

You can email Administrators when a rule is hit.

> Save Copy of the Spool File

You can save a copy of the print job that hit the rule. 

4. Click Finish and you now have a new Rule.


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