Printing Quotas Overview and Settings.

Quota Balances can be set on a User, User Group or Organizational Unit. 

A Quota Balance can be only set on a User Group or Organization Unit, but NOT both. An individual User quota can be set overriding the Group or OU Quota.

There are two values that you can set a quota by. They cannot be used together, but can be switched between.

> Balance by Currency value.

> Balance by Number of Pages.

This how to will guide you through configuring a quota and all settings and messaging.

Setting a Basic Quota on a User

1. From the Users tab select any user right click and select [Edit].

2. To Set a user’s quota un-check the box next to unlimited and then input the amount you would like to apply and click the [Set] button.

3. Once you have returned to the users tab you can click refresh to see the users "Primary Balance" updated.

Basic Quota Settings on a Group and Organizational Unit

To apply a quota to multiple users follow the above steps from the groups or OU's tabs.

Note: when making a change to a group or OU's quota balance you will be prompted with two choices.

> Set members balances to the new balance (Selecting this option will change all members balances to the new amount you put in)

> Leave member balances as is ( Selecting this option will not change the existing members balances to the new amount but any new users that print under the group will have the new balance applied )

Adding Additional Quotas

To add Additional quotas click on the "Edit Balances" button.

Here you can set a specific quota as the default and create new quotas that can be used in addition to the primary quota.

Quota types that can be used are:

  • Currency - this will allow you to create a balance in currency being used on the installed server or workstation.
  • Pages - This will allow you to create a balance set by pages printed.
  • Paid - Enabling a Paid quota allows a secondary balance of credits that the end user has purchased through the web-portal or applied through a clerk or administrator .

Allow the Quota balance to go Negative

Quotas can also be configured to allow a negative balance making it possible for users continue to print without adequate credit.

To do this select the quota that you would like to allow negative balance on and check the "Allow Negative Balance" box. 

Setting Quota Notifications by Pop-up and Email

You can also setup notifications to be sent to users when the balance is "Low" or "Out".

To do this select the quota that you would like to configure notification on and then check the desired notice check box.

Note: Delivery and message can be customized by clicking on the [Settings] button next to the notification. A new window will open that will allow you to select what type of message to send ( popup or email or both ), a threshold for when that message will be sent and what the message will say when it is sent.

Scheduling Quotas to Reset or Increase

Schedules can be created for your quotas to automate balance resets or to increase quotas by an amount without changing the base quota amount.

To create a schedule select the quota in the "Current Quotas" section and then under the "Quota Update Schedule" section click the [New] button.

In this window select to "Increase or Reset" the amount, then input the amount you would like then select how often you would like this schedule to recur daily, weekly or monthly you can also set the schedule to run just once, Now set the time that you would like the schedule to run.



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