How to setup and apply a printer cost profile.

This guide you through setting up a cost profile that can be assigned to a printer.

To setup a Cost Profile open the Print Manager Plus console and click on the [Printer] tab and click the "Add Profile" button.
Enter the desired Profile Name and click the "Add" button.                                           

In this window you will see three sections:

Printer cost settings - Here you can select the cost option to apply to your profile

  • Standard Cost Options 
  • Advanced Cost Options

How to charge for printing - Here you can select how to charge for prints under this cost profile

  • Charge Per Page (this options charges a flat rate per page by color or B/W)
  • Charge by Page Size (This option will allow you to set cost based on the size of page being printed)

Deduct quota from the following balance - Here you can select a quota to deduct from if quotas are being used ( for more info and how to create quotas click here), select "None" if no quotas have been setup.
Click the "Ok" button to save your Cost Profile.

Now that you have created a cost profile you will see it listed in the "Cost Profile" section, find the printer you would like to assign this Cost Profile to and right click and select [Edit].                                                                                      
Under "Printer Cost Settings" select [Use a Cost Profile] and then click the drop-down, find the profile that you created and select it from the list and then click [Ok] at the bottom of the window.
You have now assigned your new profile to a printer.

Advanced Cost profile Configuration:
Additionally under "Printer Model Assignments" on the left you can configure your cost profile to auto assign to specific printers based on criteria such as model, printer name.

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