How to configure SMTP Email notifications and Administrative Pop-ups.

Overview: This article covers how to configure email notifications in Print Manager Plus 9.0

1. In Print Manager Plus navigate to the Print Manager icon in the upper left and select Email Configuration.

2. A new dialog window appears displaying the SMTP Email Server Settings. Be sure to check "Enable Email Notifications" and fill out all required fields. 

  • SMTP Server - Local hostname of your email server.
  • Authentication - Type of authentication enabled on your email server, if unknown leave set to "Auto Detect"
  • User - Service account username used to login to your email server. 
  • Password - Service account password used to login to your email server.
  • From Address - From address of all email notifications sent from Print Manager.
  • Prefix Subject Line - If you wish to prepend the subject line of notifications sent from Print Manager. 

3. Navigate to the Administrative Notifications section in the left pane. Here you can select which conditions must be met to receive a notification. 

  • Notify when Printer is in Error or Warning - If any printer tracked within the program meets any of the following conditions an email notification will be sent: Paused, Error Printing, Offline, Paper Jam, Door Open, Paper Out, Paper Problem, Not Available, Out of Memory, Toner Low.
  • Notify when an Installation has not tracked job in - If any installation of Print Manager Plus on your network has not tracked a job within the specified time interval an email notification will be sent. 
  • Notify when Installation has an error condition - If any installation of Print Manager Plus on your network has an error condition an email notification will be sent. 
  • Recipients - The email address(s) to which configured notifications will be sent.


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