Installation of the Print Manager Plus Administrator only on a remote workstation.

Overview: Print Manager Plus 9.0 comes with a Remote Administration feature which allows for the program to be administered remotely, rather than directly from your print server. 

To install the Remote Administrator on a Workstation:

1. Copy the Print Manager Plus 9.0 installer to a workstation and launch the executable. (This will be the same executable used to install Print Manager Plus 9.0 on your print server)

2. The Setup Wizard launches. Click Next.

3. Select the Workstation radio button and click Next.

4. Check the Administration Interface box and click Next.

5. Check the Manually enter database information box and input your PRINTSERVER\PMP in the Database Server field then click Next.

6. The installation is now ready to begin. Click install and follow the Wizard until the installation is complete. 

Congratulations, at this point the Remote Administration tool should now be installed. You will see the same interface as you would on your print server and are able to configure costs, settings, and rules from your workstation. 

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