How to turn on pop-up messages on Windows and Mac OSX workstations.

Overview: This article covers how to turn on pop-up messages when creating a rule or restriction in Print Manager Plus 9.0.

Note: The Print Client Application must be installed on the Windows workstation and/or Mac OSX where you want the pop-ups to display.

Click Here to read: Installation of the Windows Print Client Notification Application.

Click Here to read: Installation of the Mac OSX Print Client Notification Application.

1. Launch the Print Manager Plus 9.0 admin console from your desktop.

2. Navigate to the Printers tab and select a printer by double-clicking on it. The printer properties dialog is displayed. Select "Rules and Restrictions" from the left pane. In this example we used Job Cost to create a new rule, but any could have been used. Once a restriction is selected make sure "Send Popup" is selected. 

3. The message text the end user will see can be personalized by clicking the "Edit" next to the message text. Here you can enter in your own personalized text and job metrics into the message. 

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