1/30/2015 - Print Manager Plus Update Released

30 January, 2015

Print Manager Plus Update Released

New Features:

> Billing Account import added to bring in both clients, sub-projects and various billing information and settings associated with each account.

Feature Enhancements:

> Print Client remembers last User Name and Domain.
> Print Client now displays Active Directory domains in the priority set within domains.
> Batch printing is now supported when Billing by Pincode is enabled.
> Out of balance actions now include the option to Allow, Delete, Pause, Hold for Web Release and Confirm Job.
> Hold for Release now allows for a customizable message at the Global and per printer level.
> Cost Profiles assigned by Model, can now be applied to existing printers as well as new printers.
> Balance deduction on Cost Profiles and Printers have a new 'Default' option, causing it to always deduct from the current default balance.
> Print Job Authentication by User Name and password now allows for a secondary confirmation window allowing users to see their balance once the Tracking Service has authenticated them.
> Printer and Service notifications can now be configured for either Email Notification, Popup Notification or both.
> Document map added to User Credit History and Current User Balances reports.

Bugs Fixes:

> Resolved issue where Scheduled Reports could arrive via email or file share as 0KB, and with no content.
> Custom passwords set on Active Directory users now function correctly in the Web Portal, and Username and Password Authentication.
> Resolved intermittent issue with users being added by logging into the Web Portal, not being associated with a domain.
> Group and OU budgets now deduct properly against the User’s Primary Group and Direct Organizational Unit.
> Web Portal URL not available to Web Client on first service start.
> Billing comments appear properly on all detailed reports when Show Expanded Details is checked.
> Comparison Graph Reports now show proper figures, instead of invalid percentages.
> Resolved issue enabling admin rights filters by Server, Printer, Domain, Group and Organizational Unit.
> Resolved issue where some rules would list criteria belonging to other rules in the Admin interface.
> Resolved issue running Client Statement Report from Admin Console shortcut.
> Current User Balances report now runs without error.
> Resolved issue where installation media was left in temp directory after initiating a server upgrade remotely.
> Resolved issue with Client, Savings and Bandwidth reports by Printer Group.
> Resolved issue running Savings reports on Large Format Printers.
> Out of balance message now shown in Web Page when Web Printing is stopped due to insufficient balance.
> Web Portal links now always point to the correct page in the Print Client.
> Print Client now shows copy count correctly in job information pane.
> Fixed multiple issues with various combinations of Hold for Release, Confirm, Authenticate, and Billing were enabled on the same print job.
> Charge for Coversheet now properly adjusts job cost and User Balance.
> Coversheet pages are now properly tallied against total pages.
> Resolved rare issues being able to run any Billing reports.
> Handled issue where a detached SQL database (typically from a previous install of SQL) prevents creation of a new database.
> Invalid User Membership options can no longer be selected when using the Basic edition.
> Resolved issue preventing upgrade of satellite servers and workstations when they could not contact the Primary and\or Database server due to DNS or other Network issue.
> Fixed display issue on Page Size restriction not properly indicating its Whitelist versus Blacklist options.
> Resolved issue where rule criteria did not apply or save properly when using page size criteria, causing the rule to not function, or even become unchecked automatically.
> Deleting a rule now functions correctly.
> User Credit History report now populates properly with balance changes.


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