How to turn on printing confirmation.

This guide will walk your through enabling print confirmation globally or per printer as well as explain the different types of confirmations options that can be used.

To enable confirmations globally or by printer do the following:

Open the Print Manager console and select the [Printers] tab, you can access the confirmation option by clicking the [Confirmation] button from the banner or by selecting the desired printer right-clicking and selecting [Edit].

Under confirmation options you will see three different confirmation options available.

Confirmation - This level of confirmation using the logged in credentials will prompt the user to confirm each print job.

Password Confirmation - This level of confirmation using the logged in account will require the local network password to complete print jobs.

Full Authentication - This level of confirmation requires both username and password to completed any print jobs.

Under confirmation Message and Options you can customize the prompted message.You can adjust the message timeout in increments of minutes.

You can customize what action should happen when the Print Client is not installed.

You can customize what action is taken when the user does not respond in time.

Note: When applying these settings per printer will override the global confirmation settings that may be applied.


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