Client Billing Overview and Settings.

Overview: This article gives an overview of the Client Billing feature in Print Manager Plus 9.0 and how to turn on Client Billing workstation pop-up messages. The Client Billing feature allows Print Manager Plus 9.0 to prompt end-users for Client/Project information. This information is then used to run reports and enables you to bill individual clients or projects for print jobs.

To Enable Client Billing: 

1. First create a new Client/Project Account. Navigate to the Billing tab in Print Manager Plus and select New Client.

A new dialog is displayed to create a new Client/Project account.

Here the following features can be configured:

  • Active/Inactive - This feature allows an account or sub account to made inactive. Inactive means they are still in the server side list, however users will not be able to bill jobs to that account.
  • Billable/Non-Billable/Prompt - This option allows the jobs for a specific account, or sub account to be considered Billable or Non Billable within the Client Account Reports within Print Manager Plus. A third option of Prompt allows the end user to decide if a job is billable or not on every individual print job.
  • Markup - This allows the jobs for that specific account to have the cost applied increased or decreased by the specific percentage. For example, a 20% markup, will mark a job that cost $1.00 as a final cost of $1.20.
  • Password Protect - If specified, a password will be required to bill to that account or sub account.
  • Pincode - If specified a custom pincode or username will be required to bill to that account or sub account.

2. Once a new Client or Project has been created the feature will need to be turned on. Client Billing can be configured to prompt for all users or by individual printer. In this example we set the feature to prompt by printer. Navigate to the Printers tab and double-click on the printer you want to enable the feature on. Select Client Billing Options from the left pane.

The Client Billing Authentication feature is set using one of the following two options: "Client and Project Selection" or "Client or Project by Pin Code".

  • If "Client and Project Selection" is enabled users will be prompted to bill each print job to a client or project.
  • If "Client or Project by Pin Code" is enabled users will be prompted to enter the exact client or project pin code.

3. The last step is to ensure the Print Client is installed on your workstation(s). This can be done by using the same installer that was used to install Print Manager Plus 9.0. Once this is complete Client Billing is active and ready to use. 

Click Here for more information on the Print Client Installation.

The Print Client Pop-Up would look like this with all options on:


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