3/11/2015 - Print Manager Plus Update Released.

11 March, 2015

Print Manager Plus Update Released

Feature Enhancements:

> A warning is now displayed when moving your Primary Installation to help ensure this is the intended action.
> When the primary installation has changed, users pointing at the old web portal URL will automatically be redirected.
> Added support for using 32 Bit Office, on 64 bit servers for uploading and printing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Counting Engine Fixes:

> Kyocera PCL5 tracking issue resolved where many extra pages could be counted on some documents.

Bug Fixes:

> Resolved issue with large billing lists preventing the listing of some or all clients in the Windows Print Client.
> All Unicode characters are now properly shown in Windows Print Client messaging.
> Print Client Only installer will no longer attempt to upgrade a primary installation, or installation with tracking or administration installed.
> Fixed allowing the removal of Cost Profiles in the Printers Tab.
> WebPrint no longer lists removed, and unlicensed devices as available.
> Resolved issues combining Hold For Release, and Confirmation as the result of a Rule, Restriction and Quota
> Custom Date Ranges in Reports now display and save the correct ranges as selected.
> Scheduled History export with custom date range now exports the correct range.
> Resolved licensing issue where an unlicensed server or workstation, would not automatically become licensed upon installing a valid license for them.
> Miscellaneous interface fixes to the Administrator and Web Portal.


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