Defining Detailed Reports data.

Our detailed reports show details of individual print jobs and then a total. Below are the definitions of the data you are looking at and a graphic.

  1. Time – Exact time of print job.
  2. Printer – Printer share name that was printed to.
  3. Document – Title of the document name.
  4. User – the Local, AD or Ldap username that was logged in when the print job was printed.
  5. B&W - Number of pages (not including copies) printed on in Black toner.
  6. Color – Number of pages (not including copies) printed on using color toner.
  7. Total – Total number of pages printed on including duplex (back and front of the sheet of paper) and copies.
  8. Cost – Total cost of print job calculating from the printers cost profile settings.
  9. Job# - The number for that specific print job for that user.
  10. Paper Size – The size of the sheet of paper used for that print job.
  11. Copies – The number of copies specified of that print job from the software printed from.

    Client Billing Detailed Report Definitions (Premium Edition Only) 

  12. Billable or Non-Billable – Was the print job billed or not billed to a specific client.
  13. Client – Name of the Client the print job was billed to.
  14. Comment – Any comment entered by the user for that billable print job.

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