How to Update Print Manager Plus.

Print Manager Plus can be updated through the product Administrator interface or manually. Remote updates can also be done from the Administrator interface of remote servers and workstations that have tracking services turned on.

Notes - Please Read this before updating.

> When updating, Windows may require a reboot. We suggest updates be preformed after hours. Rebooting is not automatic.

> If you have tracking services turned on for additional servers or workstations and update your Main Installation these other services will stop tracking printing until you have updated them. We suggest updates be preformed after hours.

Print Manager Plus will automatically check for new updates when you open the Administrator anew. You may get this pop-up.

Click on one of the buttons taking into mind the above notes.

> Follow these instructions to update Print Manager Plus.

1. Open the Print Manager Plus interface and click on the Services Tab.

2. Select your Primary Printing Server service and click on the Update button. Print Manager Plus will only allow you to update this first. It will begin to look for an update.

If your server is connected to the internet you will get this dialog. It will show you what updates have been found. You can select an update and it will tell you what changes occurred in each before running the update. If your server is not connected to the internet or fails to connect to the internet then you should update the server or workstation manually. (see notes below for a manual update)

3. After selecting your update Click Next. The product will start to download and then start the installation.

As it begins to install your Administrator interface will disappear and then restart after the installation is complete.

You will be asked to reboot by Windows if it requires one. The reboot can be cancelled as its not automatic.

> Performing updates from the Administrator interface on remote servers and workstations that have tracking services turned on.

After updating your Primary Server service its now time to update additional servers and workstation that are tracking printing.

1. Click on the additional server and/or workstation and then click Update Selected Server or Workstation button. This will initialize the update remotely on that machine. 

Note: Print Manager looks for the update already downloaded from the database first, if that fails we look on the internet for the file to download, and if that fails we store the update in a share on the server. If all three of these fail then you should update the server or workstation manually. (see notes below for a manual update)

(Click Image to Enlarge)

2. You will be able to see the update initializing for each additional server/workstation. These updates must be done one at a time. If the remote machine needs to be rebooted after the installation is complete it will show this under the status column. Reboots of remote machines can be preformed from the Administrator interface as well by highlighting the services and clicking the Reboot System button.

Note: If rebooting machines remotely make sure there is no user logged on to that server/workstation as this will reboot them and they maybe in the middle of working. We suggest updates be preformed after hours.

> Performing an Administrator Only Update.

After updating your Primary Server and/or remote servers/workstations we suggest then running an update on your remote Administrator. This can be done by clicking PMP logo and selecting Check for Updates.

> Performing a manual update of Print Manager Plus.

1. Download the latest full product from our website and run the .EXE on the machine that the product is installed. It will initialize the update and also may require a reboot. Reboots are not automatic. The update can be applied to the Primary Server, Remote Server/Workstation and Remote Administrator.

Click Here to download the full product.

Click Here to read what's in the latest update.


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