Understanding the menu selection on reports.

Print Manager Plus reports have a large menu selection to choose from. Here is a graphic and definitions for each selection and function.

  1. Date Selection – This drop down menu allows you to pick custom dates or choose a preset timeframe.
  2. Color – This function allows you to filter the report by only print jobs that have Color or B/W or both.
  3. Filters – Allows you to filter your report by Users, Domains, User Groups, Printers, Page Sizes and Job Titles with many other filters under each option.
  4. Schedule – You can schedule a report to be set to automatically emailed or saved to a share.
  5. Refresh – When you make a time change you can click the refresh button to show the change.
  6. Report title – Change the title of the report for printing, exporting and scheduling.
  7. Remember filters and options – Once you make a change through filters you can select this to keep the filter when you open the report later or for scheduling to deliver via email or to a share.
  8. Document map – Show or hide the document map of the details of what is being reported on.
  9. Print – Print the report.
  10. Export report – Save the report as a .PDF, .XLS, .XLSX, .RTF, .MHT, .HTML, .TXT, .CSV, .PNG.
  11. Show expanded details – Clicking this will open up the details of the individual print jobs revealing detailed data.

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