Installation of the Mac OSX Print Client Notification Application.

It is common to require only the Windows Print Client be installed on workstations and servers in your environment. 

The Print Client is a small application that can be installed on Mac OSX.

Its primary purpose when turned on from the Administrator interface is to send notifications to the user who has just printed for various reasons.

Basic Edition Notifications include:

> Pop-up message for Print Job Confirmation and/or Authentication.

Standard Edition Notifications include all notifications in the Basic Edition and:

> Notification via Windows Trey Icon Pop-Up for Balance information.
> Pop-up message when a Quota has reached a low balance.
> Pop-up message when a Quota balance has run out.
> Pop-up message when a Restriction or Rule has been triggered.
> Pop-up message when a Print Job has been held for release by the Release Station function in the Web Portal.

Premium Edition Notifications include all notifications in the Standard Edition and:

> Pop-up message for Client Billing prompting the user to select a Client or Project to be billed.
> Pop-up message for Client Billing prompting the user to enter a Pin Code or Client/Project to be billed.
> Allow the user to Comment on the print job, Batch Printing, Create a Client/Project, Make a selection in an allowed time. All of these selections can be turned on or off from the Administrator interface.

Diagram of Print Client Flow

1. Download the Mac Print Client for OSX and drop it in your Applications directory. This is a zipped file so ensure you unzip it after download.

2.  Run the Application and you are ready to receive pop-up notifications on the Mac when printing. A black tree will appear in your trey and if you click on this it will give your balance data if the user is logged in with a username and password recognized by Active Directory.

3. If you have multiple users logging into this Mac then you should add the Print Client to your Start Up application. You can do this by opening System Preferences and selecting User & Groups. Select the user and click on login items and add the Print Manager Mac Print Client from Applications to startup on each login.


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