4/13/2015 - Print Manager Plus Update Released.

13 April, 2015

Print Manager Plus Update Released

Feature Enhancements:

> If an action fails with a critical database error in the Administration console, an error dialog will now appear in addition to being added to the logs.

Bug Fixes:

> Resolved issues installing Tracking Services and\or Administration console when using the Workstation Setup Type.
> Summary of all Printer Groups by Printer is now grouped correctly.
> Resolved issue where running any of the Sub-client Summary or Detailed reports would cause a an overflow error, or log you out.
> Fixed issue running the Most Active Organizational Units report when there is some printing that was not part of any OU.
> Toggling Large format printing reports between Metric and Imperial now works properly.
> Total Square footage is now displayed correctly in Square Feet / Meters.
> Comparison Graph by Copies now displays information.
> Resolved issues sorting by Balance fields in Group and Organizational Unit tabs.
> Miscellaneous interface improvements.


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