How to configure pop-up notifications for Remote Desktop.


Installation of the Print Client on TERMINAL / CITRIX Server image, and the end user notifications only appear on one session. this is because when multiple sessions are logged in they are all using the same hostname and when jobs are submitted notifications are being returned via hostname are will all be send back to the session that was logged in first.

NOTE: Before completing this article, ensure that your installation of Print Manager Plus is up to date,(For steps to complete an update click) HERE

Open the Print Manager Administrator, once it has opened and fully loaded click on the Print Manager icon located in the top left corner; this will produce a drop down menu then select Terminal/Citrix Servers.

 In the Advanced Settings dialog enter the hostname of the terminal / Citrix server and then click the Add button.  

NOTE: Once you have added the hostname and clicked OK it may take up to 60 seconds to take affect.

 If you have completed the above steps and are still seeing an issue, please click HERE to submit a support request for further assistance.


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