6/8/2015 - Print Manager Plus Update Released.

8 June, 2015

Print Manager Plus Update Released

New Features:

> Print Manager Plus 8.0 Migration Wizard now available for SQL and Access databases. Customers using the most recent version of 8.0 ( that are under maintenance can now import their entire print history, as well as balances, restrictions, projects and other settings.

- Click Here to read "How to upgrade to Print Manager Plus 9.0 from Print Manager Plus 8.0."

> User Membership Wizard added to make initial setup of Balances, Rules and Restrictions by Groups and Organizational Units easy and clear.
> Windows Authentication feature added for Web Portal access, allowing for a Mixed mode login window combined with single sign on via windows, or a purely Windows Sign On option.
> Support added for purchasing additional quota, or paying for held jobs via the CyberSource Payment System.
> Option added within Domain to treat disabled accounts in Active Directory as deleted, so they will be orphaned and removed.
> Option added to assist when temporarily a domain controller is unreachable, user printing will be assumed to be within the local print server domain.

Feature Enhancements:

> New installations now use Active Directory Primary Group attribute by default for determining main grouping for reporting and initial balances.
> Various data integrity improvements ensuring soundness of history and reliability of settings.
> Added support for adding Local / Workgroup Group entities via the Premium API.
> Cost Profiles now support deletion via the Premium API.
> Added additional fields and information to My Printing History report.
> Expanded My Credit History report to show much more detailed information to end users about their balance usage.
> Improved Database connection pooling to more efficiently reuse, or not reuse connections in the event of temporarily network issues.
> Advanced override option added allowing to set a preferred protocol (Named Pipes or TCP/IP) for database communication.

Counting Engine Fixes:

> Resolved issues tracking Ricoh MP Series Printers.

Bug Fixes:

> Resolved issue opening the Administrator console from more than one Remote Desktop session, using the same username.
> Duplex restriction is no longer enforced on single page jobs that can’t be duplex.
> Deleting Page Size Overrides per Printer from the Premium API now works properly.
> Improved reliability of web print uploads via Chromebook for a variety of ChromeOS versions
> Resolved issue where creating scheduled quota updates via the Premium API always resulted in a Daily interval, even when Weekly or Monthly was specified.
> Fixed Hourly, Daily and Monthly printing charts to show local time instead of UTC time.
> Resolved excess space characters ( ) from showing up on some Reporting controls.
> Changing the sort by metric within Most Active Charts now properly changes the report.
> User Group Membership report now shows data instead of all fields being empty.
> Resolved issue where Most Active Reports and Page Size comparison reports could crash, and not run.
> Better clarified Duplex Mode restriction text.
> Resolved issue with Document Title whitelist.
> Grouping WebPrint queues by Printer Group, or Server now work properly within the Web Printing page.
> Key and Password fields are now masked for better security within Web Portal Settings.
> The proper primary group is now applied for users when Choose Primary Group by Highest or Lowest pages only balance is used.
> Resolved issues with Google Chromebook integration where upload could fail after updates to Chrome OS.
> Fixed issue on new and past print history, where blank or empty jobs could log with extraordinarily large, or negative costs.


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