6/23/2015 - Print Manager Plus Update Released.

23 June, 2015

Print Manager Plus Update Released

Bug Fixes:

> Resolved issue with Evaluation time not being properly indicated within the interface.
> Made various bug fixes to the Migration Wizard from Print Manager Plus 8.0 to 9.0.
> Scheduled quota updates for pages balance will now increment or reset by the assigned amount instead of just 1 page.
> Manual and Silent installations of services on additional servers and workstations will not properly support SQL Authentication option.
> When installing within a domain environment, but logged in with a local account, the installation will still suggest a Domain\User format for service accounts.
> The Edit Client button on the Billing page now properly opens the Edit Client dialog.
> Filtering reports and history by Department now functions correctly.
> Filter reports and history by group or organizational unit now functions correctly.
> Filtering reports and history by page size now work correctly.
> Miscellaneous interface fixes within Web Portal.
> Miscellaneous interface fixes within Administration console.
> Resolved issue with CSV Export from the History page resulted in a valid file, but with no headers.
> Resolved issue where the Excel Export from the history page resulted in an invalid response window.
> Resolved issue setting user’s primary group via the Settings API.
> Resolved issue setting or editing a page size via the Settings API.
> Resolved issue deleting cost profiles via the Settings API.


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