9/15/2015 - Print Manager Plus Update Released.

15 September, 2015

Print Manager Plus Update Released

New Features:

> Three levels of service logging now exist, and can be controlled per Server or Workstation from the Services tab.
> New Summary and Detailed Client Reports by Page Size are now available.

Feature Enhancements:

> License XML can now be retrieved or updated via the Settings API.
> Cost Profiles can now be viewed as read only, even when an Admin rights filter hides them.
> Web Portal Login now supports 'user@domain.local' and 'DOMAIN\User' formats.
> The Ignore Empty Spool file feature, will now also ignore print jobs with a size, and Windows Page Count, if their spool file contains only NULL characters.

Bug Fixes:

> Improved granting the Logon as a Service right to the specified service account during installation.
> Resolved issue where Admin Rights enabled account with Printer or Server filter could not edit any printer settings if Cost by Profile was selected.
> Resolved issue detecting page count on HP EPrint documents to queues using HP PCL5 Drivers.
> Resolved issue detecting copy count when using the HP Universal Post Script driver with the Collate option enabled.
> Internet Explorer 9 will now properly show an unsupported warning.
> Resolved issue where the History page would have an error displaying data, if the logged in user had an Admin Right by Server selected.
> Admin Rights by Domain, Group and OU now properly filter the Admin .
> Resolved issue where an unexpected break in network communication with the Windows Print Client, could cause the server to keep trying. communication, resulting in elevated CPU usage.
> Resolved rare crash accessing Printer tab after Importing from Print Manager Plus 8.0.
> Resolved issues preventing Citrix and Terminal Services users from getting the correct popup for their user session.


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