11/05/2015 - Print Manager Plus Update Released.

5 November, 2015

Print Manager Plus Update Released

New Features:

> Windows 10 Support for Primary or Satellite Server\Workstation installations.
> Real time update of tab items now has Live, Periodic and No refresh options.

> Web Portal (Dashboard, Web Print, Balances, Release, History, Reports, Settings) localized in 18 languages including, scheduling and delivery of reports in the below languages:

- Chinese (simplified)
- Chinese (traditional)
- Czech
- Dutch
- English
- Finish
- French
- German
- Hungarian
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Polish
- Portuguese (BR)
- Russian
- Slovak
- Spanish
- Swedish
- Turkish

Enhanced Features:

> Microsoft Print to PDF added to default exclusions.
> Grouping of each tab now moved to more friendly drop down control.
> Improved logging to various product areas.
> Improved service start to ensure logging is fully initialized prior to any key startup events occurring.
> Database connection timeouts and improvements.
> Page Sizes can now be removed.
> Improved Reliability of Office document Upload for Web Printing. 

Counting Engine Updates:

> Resolved tracking issue with newest Mac OSX Canon UFRII Driver.

Bug Fixes:

> Miscellaneous fixes to Sorting and Grouping functions, especially with large and constantly changing data sets.
> Resolved issues filtering the History and Reports by Printer, Organizational Unit and Department.
> Installation database rollback now happens appropriately when installation fails at a point after the database has been upgraded.
> Resolved SQL connection issues when using a local database, which supports connection, but the database is not yet responsive.
> Resolved Upgrade issue where Windows Authentication sign on was not properly added during upgrade installations.
> Resolved issue when job restriction by balance will not function correctly even when Paid balance has been disabled.
> Resolved issue where a very long document title could cause the Administrator to crash on displaying that row.
> Resolved issue where Pay for Print was turned off but instead stayed on.
> Resolved issue when Pay for Print was not crediting the User account, after CC transaction was completed.


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