1/05/2016 - Print Manager Plus Update Released.

5 January, 2016

Print Manager Plus Update Released

New Features:

> Added Low Balance notifications for Paid Balance.
> Web Print Driver improved to allow temporarily storing credentials, and full Windows 10 Support.
> User Authentication features now support Batch Authentication, allowing users to save their credentials to current and future prints.
> CyberSource Secure Acceptance payment method now supported.
> Web Portal allows the selection of starting page.
> Web Print allows browsing all document pages during preview step.

Enhanced Features:

> Updated Web Print rendering libraries for more reliable, and accurate Web Printing.
> Web Print Driver UI Improved.
> Web Printing service refactored for improved reliability in Web Printing.
> Improvements to the Report saving of Date and Filter options.
> Web Portal Dashboard now supports being disabled.
> Web Portal Dashboard now properly reflects any Administrative rights set on Manager account.

Bug Fixes:

> Resolved issues where changes in license edition did not automatically take effect within local and remote services.
> Resolved issues with PDF Printing engine load and print issues.
> Resolved sorting issues with Administration tabs.
> Resolved issue where a custom date ranges are now saved properly when returning to a report, or running it on a schedule.
> Release of held for print jobs now properly checks for enough balance before releasing.


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