2/16/2016 - Print Manager Plus Update Released.

16 February, 2016

Print Manager Plus Update Released

New Features:

> New Balance Type allows for quota by BW and Color pages.
> Indonesian language support added to the Web Portal.

Enhanced Features:

> Updated Web Print rendering libraries for more reliable, and accurate Web Printing.
> Prints explicitly paid for using Credit Cards or Payments Paid Balance will no longer deduct from Currency or Pages balance first; they will directly deduct from the amount added.
> New settings disables automatic report loading upon browsing to each report.
> Improved Web Payment workflows for advanced situations such as Paying for multiple prints and adding printing quota at the same time, accepting single payments for multiple jobs, and improved reliability of fund distribution to paid balances.

Counting Engine Fixes:

> Resolved HP Universal PCL5 issues with Page Breaks as the last character of a raster image section being read as an extra page.

Bugs Fixes:

> Interface improvements to PayPal Web Payment options.
> Improved issues with multiple simultaneous web print sessions preventing web print connections from new sessions.
> Resolved issue where service, or administrator would crash when it would attempt to send an email and the SMTP Port was closed in the Windows or other Firewall.
> Resolved Administrative Email Notifications to always use the specified SMTP Port.
> Resolved missing Timestamp on Administrative Email Notifications.
> Organizational Unit Restrictions are now properly checked on Web Prints.
> Organizational Unit budgets are now properly deducted for Web Prints.
> Organizational Units will not be properly assigned as a User's quota source, even then the 'Obtain starting balances from group when user is not a member of any OU' option is selected.
> The reported Uptime for each machine on the Services tab should now always be accurate, rather than it periodically resetting itself.
> Emails for soft restrictions, such as Confirmation, Hold or Print will now be sent.
> Email support for Low balance warnings now works properly.
> Rules can now be properly disabled from Groups and Organizational Unit.
> Last Print job column on Organizational Unit now shows proper icon indicating print status.


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