4/28/2016 - Print Manager Plus Update Released.

28 April, 2016

Print Manager Plus Update Released

New Features:

> Release Page now allows column selection for Administrators and Managers, and remembers these settings and date range per login.
> Black and White, Color, and Total Page Counters added to Users, Groups, Organizational Units, Printers, Services and Billings.
> History Page now has Area, Width and Height columns available.
> Per User exclusion from Group and OU Rules and Restriction option added.
> New Print Client notification added for submitted jobs displaying the Black and White, Color and Total pages printed to the end user via a ballon pop-up in the Windows or Mac Trey. (To use this new feature you must upgrade your Print Client, which can be downloaded by Clicking Here. Build a new silent install by using the latest full build of Print Manager Plus Learn how by Clicking Here)
> New Domain Alias option when adding a domain, so multiple names can be used for the same domain when logging into the Web Portal, iPad, Web Print Driver and other points of login. (e.g. domain.local and can point to the same domain\user set).

Enhanced Features:

> History Page Column selection now alphabetical.
> History Page remembers selected columns per user.
> Web Print Driver and iPad application option can now be hidden and disabled for Web Printing allowing upload only.
> Web Print Rule, Restriction and Balance notification now show more friendly, and distinguish themselves differently than errors.
> Summary Reports drill down now opens detailed data in separate report window(s).

Counting Engine Fixes:

> Resolved rare Xerox Page Count issue with PCL5.
> Resolved Canon IR PCL6 Universal driver reporting large and incorrect page count with some documents.
> Improved reading of Postscript Linux jobs sent to a Windows Queue, that is using a PCL5 or PCL6 queue.

Bugs Fixes:

> Minor UI Fixes to Administrator console.
> Fixed service crash when attempting to synchronous users within a Group or OU that no longer exists.
> Resolved issue scheduling Report History in Excel for emailing.


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