12/2/2016 - Print Manager Plus Update Released.

2 December, 2016

Print Manager Plus Update Released

New Features:

> Nested Groups are now supported for User membership rules and allow up to five levels deep. Existing functionality will continue to work as it has since the launch of Print Manager Plus 9 on upgrade, but can now be adjusted within the User Membership wizard.
> New Web Portal Billing Page allows for editing, adding, deleting and other items in relation to billable clients and projects.
> User import wizard from CSV\Text file is now included and available within the main menu.

Enhanced Features:

> Added support for custom Usernames to allow an @ symbol for local and workgroup users. In the event it is a domain environment and the portion that follows the @ is a known domain, then that portion will be considered the login domain.
> Misc enhancements and fixes to the Premium Edition Settings API fixes relating to setting of Balances.

Counting Engine Fixes:

> Resolved page counting issue with HP 4555 PCL5 and Memo Style Printing.
> Resolved page count issues with Canon 4225/4235 UFRII from Mac.

Bugs Fixes:

> Resolved issue with web portal default page, when user was logged out automatically.
> Report Filters on Custom Active Directory LDAP fields now work correctly.
> History page continues to function even if all columns are removed.
> Release page continues to function even if all columns are removed.
> Resolved issue with Printer Error conditions where a return to ready state did not update in the UI without a service restart.
> Resolved issue with Client List truncation within Built in Billing reports.
> Resolved issue with report title not displaying when saving a report.
> Fix for issue with Region and Date format on Reports To\From.
> Resolved issue with print preview thumbnails for Landscape jobs submitted via WebPrint.

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