04/09/2024 - Print Manager Plus Update Released

New Features:

> Full FIPS support for sensitive and encrypted data between Print Server and Print Clients

Product Enhancements:

> Web Printing Page Range now supports the option of 'Odd' and 'Even' pages.
> Web Printing detects and properly uses Duplex for certain Canon, Xerox and other Printers that don't properly declare their Duplex Capability to the Windows Print System.
> In Administrator Application Summary, Detailed & Reporting shortcuts now are compatible with any browser.
> Improved security for in Administrator Application Reporting shortcuts to ensure token isn't reusable or visible after auto-login.
> Web Printing Reliability improved by checking DNS for Fully Qualified Domain Name and or NetBIOS for improved support of Workgroup, Domain and Hybrid Networks.
> Various interface fixes and text improvements.
> Printing Service now allows longer time out as well as larger number of concurrent print connections to support large amounts of Web Printing.
> Improved Printing Service stability through crashes in the Windows Spooler and/or from driver crashes and malfunctions.
> Improved TLS Support for reports and csv exports scheduled or sent via email.
Bug Fixes:
> Fix upgraded checks for invalid or expired maintenance contracts

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