6/24/2019 - Print Manager Plus Update Released.

24 June, 2019

Print Manager Plus Update Released

New Features:

> Custom User Fields now supported in restriction and user notification popup messages and emails.
> Support for Microsoft SQL Server High Availability Connections.
> Database Configuration can now be set by Settings API (Premium Edition).

Feature Enhancements:

> Implement better error handling and logging for Web Print uploads.
> Improvements to ensure full FIPS.
> Various ASP.NET, JavaScript and IIS Security improvements.
> Current User Credits Report now has option to just show users and balances in negative quota.
> Printer filter within reports now filters based on Name, Share Name and Serial Number.
> Currency in reporting now always shown in up to 4 decimal places.

Counting Engine Fixes:

> Resolved issue with Xerox Copy Counts in Universal Drivers.
> Fixed various Copy Tracking issues with PCL6.
> Resolved issue with HPGL Copy Count.

Bugs Fixes:

> Resolved issue that could prevent more than 250 Clients or Projects from being viewed in the Billings tab.
> Resolved an issue where loading the Job History page could report a Null Reference exception when being loaded for the first time.
> Fixed issue for monthly reports run from a different time zone as the Primary Print Server.
> Resolved issue with Danish currency within Reporting.
> Resolved issue with Malaysian currency within Reporting.
> Fixed Print Manager Plus 8 Import issue.
> Resolved issue where Print Manager Plus service would not start on Windows Vista and Server 2008 R1 when no service packs were installed.
> Resolved issues printing password protected PDFs via Web Print.
> Resolved issue where resetting a Budget would not properly take affect.
> Resolved issue where Editing Restriction actions could cause the Administrator to crash and need to be restarted.
> Fixed Windows Authentication mode for Web Portal.

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