9/16/2020 - Print Manager Plus Update Released.

16 September, 2020

Print Manager Plus Update Released

New Features:

> New Transport Layer Security (TLS) support for SMTP Email sending of Administrator Messages, End User Notifications and Scheduled Reporting.
> SMTP Login now supports NTLM and XOAuth2 authentication methods and can be used with or without TLS Enabled.

Feature Enhancements:

> TLS Required and Preferred options allow Administrators to ensure TLS is required for maximum security, or prefer it when they are uncertain of their email server capabilities.
> Improved auto detection of login method makes for easier setup.
> Specialized detection and support for SMTP via Gmail, G-Suite and Office 365.
> Upgraded security for OpenSSL, Crypto and other Libraries.
> New Debug logging allows for easier troubleshoot of SMTP Email Connection and configuration issues.

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