01/19/2022 - Print Manager Plus Update Released.

19 January, 2022

Print Manager Plus Update Released

New Features:

> Web Payments now includes rich user receipt system for User and Administrative notification of purchased for record keeping and accountability.

> Tracking of PDF as a Printer language now supports Deep Color (Color per page) as well as improved color tracking of legacy and latest PDF document and spool files.

Feature Enhancements:

> Web Payments now allows for selection of which Credit Card Brands are accepted

> Web Payments for PayPal integration now allows the ability to choose whether Credit Card, PayPal Payments or both are accepted.

> Web Payment enhanced transactions logging provides better error reporting for payment errors and successes.

> PDF tracking improvements to Page Size, Copies, Duplex and NUP when used as a spool file language.

Bug Fixes:

> Resolved issue saving extra long and complex email passwords.

> Resolved transaction issues with PayPal Payflow Gateway.

> Resolved Web Print issue with large and non-standard sizes including 11x17 Tabloid printing.

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