Web Printing - Supported Office files types fail to upload.

Print Manager Plus web print support all Microsoft office document types.
This article will guide you through what steps are needed if these files types are failing to upload.

Office documents fail to upload even though support Office suite is installed
* Office must be activated, otherwise all document uploads will fail
- Be sure to restart the server after activating the office suite
* Office Architecture must match that of Web Portal / System
- (i.e. if Web Portal is run as 64 bit, office must be 64 bit.)

Solution 1:
Install Office 32 bit if 32 bit server
Install Office 64 bit if 64 bit server

Solution 2:
If running 64 bit server, and only 32 bit office is available.

For example Office 2007 only comes in 32 bit:
Change web portal to run in 32 bit mode within the PrintManager application pool

if this does not resolve the issue please contact support by submitting a service request Here

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