Counting Engine - Using a Rule to capture an Erroneous Spool File.

In rare situations, there may be an occasional job that is corrupt, or in some tracks a large incorrect figure.  For example an incorrect page count or copy count well over 1,000 pages.

With a large numbers of end users it can be difficult to track down the exact document and settings that create the issue.

The following article will describe using a Rule to save a spool file.


Creating the Rule on a Printer:
In this example, we will set a rule to capture any spool files sent to a printer that register as over 1,000 total pages.

  1. Open the Printer's Rules and Restrictions and click [New Rule]

  2. Enable Page Count Criteria:
    Enable the Page Count criteria, and set it to 1,000.  Ensure 'All' Option remains selected and click [Next]

  3. Name the Rule, and Enable Saving:
    On the next screen there are a variety of options that must be enabled.
    (A) Set the Rule Name
    (B) Set the Job Action to Allow
    (C) Check the box to Save the Spool file

  4. (Optional) Enable Email Notification
    If you have configured email notifications (See Configuring Email) then you can also set it up to email you when a file has been captured.



Locating a Captured Job
Captured jobs will be saved in a zip file within the Print Manager Plus log directory.  By default this is located at [%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Print Manager\Print Manager Plus \ Logs].  


Once you have captured the file, turn the rule off and report it as erroneous to support if it is in fact of an incorrect page count.

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