Installation - Can't upgrade using the Client Only Installer.


Running the Print Client Only installation results in an error requiring the full setup.

Interface Error:

This machine was installed with features requiring the full setup be used to perform a change, upgrade or uninstall.


MSI Setup Log Errors:

CustomAction FailInstallByUser returned actual error code 1602 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)
Action ended 20:31:14: FailInstallByUser. Return value 2.
Action ended 20:31:14: INSTALL. Return value 2.
MSI (s) (A4:1C) [20:31:14:829]: Note: 1: 1729
MSI (s) (A4:1C) [20:31:14:829]: Product: Print Client -- Configuration failed.

MSI (s) (A4:1C) [20:31:14:829]: Windows Installer reconfigured the product. Product Name: Print Client. Product Version: Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: Print Manager. Reconfiguration success or error status: 1602.



This occurs on systems where a Primary Installation, or install of the Remote Administration or Tracking services using the full installer.  Since the client only installer is streamlined and doesn't contain these components, it is unable to be used to update or make changes to those installations.



Update this system using the Full Installation, or using the Check For Updates feature within your Administrator.


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