What Permission levels are needed for Installation and Operation of Print Manager Plus.

There are two networks types that Print Manager Plus can be deployed in; a workgroup or a domain.

Print Manager Plus needs local administrator rights on the server\workstation that it is installed on in either environment, this allows the Print Manager Plus service to have full permissions to monitor the local print queues.


In a workgroup environment there are usually shared and IP connected printers, in a shared printer scenario Print Manager Plus will need to be installed with local admin permissions on the system that is sharing the printers, this will allow our software to monitor and control the local queues.

In a work group scenario where printers are installed on all workstations using direct IP, Print Manager Plus "Tracking and Printing" services will need to be installed on each workstation that has locally installed printer(s) since these services will need to connect back to the primary DB the installing user will also need permissions to connect to SQL, but in this situation there is no unified directory to grant permissions to (Non-Local) accounts in SQL this is why the created Admin account needs to be replicated locally on each system that Print Manager Plus tracking and printing services will be installed on.

Best practice for workgroup installation is to create a unique account and then duplicate it on each system that Print Manager Plus will be installed on, this will allow the software to authenticate across the network because the user account or ( Service Account) used is the same user/pass on all workgroup systems.

Please follow the below link for Best Practices when installation in a Workgroup using a Print Server.


Follow this link for installation in a Workgroup using Direct IP printing.


In a domain environment Print Manager Plus will not only need an Administrator account with local admin rights to the server; the account will also need to have permissions to connect to Active Directory to resolve incoming user account and group / OU information.

Some Domain environments require the domain account be added to the "Local Admins" security group so the account will have local permission as well as Domain.

Please follow the below link for Best Practices when installation in a Domain using a Print Server.


Follow this link for installation in a Domain using Direct IP printing.


During the installation of Print Manager the installer will automatically provision the logged in account with admin/DBO level permissions to the created database for Print Manager Plus, any other accounts that need to connect to the database will need to be granted permission using SQL Management Studio, follow the link below for instructions on configuring account permissions for the database.

Alternatively SQL Authentication ( SA ) is supported in Print Manager but this authentication method can only be used if the database has been setup on a fully licensed SQL Server.


Permissions Needed For Print Manager Plus:


LOCAL ADMINISTRATOR: Needed for control of the local queues on the installed Systems and cross-network authentication for workstations with installed tracking and printing services for connecting to the SQL DB.


DOMAIN ADMINISTRATOR (WITH LOCAL PERMISSIONS): Needed for installation on the Primary print server and to be used when installing tracking and printing services on workstations with locally installed printers.


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