How to upgrade to Print Manager Plus 9.0 from Print Manager Plus 8.0.

Thank you for being a Print Manager Plus customer. This is an introduction to Upgrading your software and Migrating your Print Manager Plus 8.0 data to Print Manager Plus 9.0.

Important Note: All software you currently have installed will have to be fully reinstalled newly. Print Manager Plus 9.0 will not upgrade your software.

Important Note: Reboots will be required on your print server and/or workstations running Print Manager Plus tracking software after initial install of your new software.

Important Note: Licensing has changed to per printer audited and the product comes in three different Editions (Basic, Standard and Premium) based on features. You will continue to be licensed by server and workstation depending on what you had previously purchased. In fact, in all cases you will receive even more features overall than you had.

Software Comparison between Print Manager Plus 8.0 and 9.0:

Print Manager Plus 8.0 Workgroup, Single Server, Enterprise Server, and Workstation Agent.

Equates to >

Print Manager Plus 9.0 Standard Edition

If you own these Added Options:

- WebAdvantage Suite Option
- Client Billing Option
- Reports Center Option (Built into Standard and Premium Editions)

Equates to >

Print Manager Plus 9.0 Premium Edition


- The End User Inquiry Tool and Client Billing Module must be replaced by the "Print Client"

Click Here to read "Installation of the Print Client Notification Application"

Database Migration Requirements:

Print Manager Plus Update is Required.

Please update your main installation of Print Manager Plus 8.0 to the most recent version ( This is required before a data migration can be done to our new database format in Print Manager Plus 9.0.

Click Here to read "Updating Print Manager Plus 8.0 using eUpdate"

We Recommend you read through our support category "Requirements, Installation Recommendations and Best Practices" and choose your related FAQs.

Database Migration:

We have built a Migration Wizard, which can be run after you install the Print Manager Plus 9.0 Main Installation.

Click Here to Read "PMP 8.0 to 9.0 Database Migration Wizard Best Practices"

Upgrading now:

If you would like to just start using Print Manager Plus 9.0 and you are under a maintenance contract you can. Please email us at to receive a download link and a new product key. You can also call Customer Service anytime at 650-521-5275 press #3


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